Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday's Critical Mass

40 to 45 people showed up for last nights ride. Everyone had a great time. Cops pulled over a guy riding a longboard and proceeded to try and save him to christianity. have these idiots heard of seperation of church and state. guess not.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

things good

Time to plan the next alley cat!

We encourage people to publish their pictures of their singe speeds.

Also contact me if you need a frame to build one... more than likely I have one or can find one quickly for you.

Also Look for links to Life Cycles in the near future, I may be publishing a side blog soon to monitor our prograss at Manna house and elsewhere.

Share the road!

short jim

Please someone get this ultra cool bike from the netherlands off my hands! Fully sealed everything including disc brakes. It's kinda on the cheap side but its cool and all weather. it needs some tires and tubes and a little tlc. a great commuter that will make you pretend you were somewhere where this would be your only vehicle. since there arent many over here Im asking a whopping 200.00 for it, Ill even fix it up and make it perfect. The bike had barely a scratch. Its a really ugly grey blue, 3 speed medium step thru frame.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

selling me old commuter

I must really want this frame I'm saving for uggh. I'm parting with my communter bike. It is a greeeeeat frame and the wheels are alex at450's. Its a 50/15 with panniers and lamp and bell. Fork is aluminum, but it will come with it's original plus the fender.
I'm asking a modest 200.00 for it, but if I know you have good in your heart I may come down a bit. Ill even throw in a nice seat.

schwinn for sale

Whoopity doo, If you want a 76-79 schwinn let me know, i have 3 in great condition, all have 1 3/4 bb shells for one piece cranks. But for all you hardcore single speeders, they make a conversion kit so you can stick in a sealed bb. Ill part with any of my schwinns for 60-80.00. As you know I am saving for an ECHO Trials Mod bike :)

yes mo bikes for sale

My fixie, its for sale, my prized hand built schwinn. Shes a bute...still has the old school 27 1 1/8 wheels. I think the gearing is 42/15. She rides like a dream. I'm parting with her for 125.00 and a stake in my heart.

fo' sale

Yeah this is a little beauty, Centennial 1976 free spirit in nearly mint condition. needs tires. Small frame size...24" would be a great polo bike, I should know..mine is one of these! I'm parting with it for 100 bucks since it is beyond cool. neeato split top tube!

single speeds for sale

Here is a great little cruiser I am parting with, needs paint and a seat. It is a late 60's sears brand. I want to get at 60 for it or something. relpy if interested.

Critical Mass Ride friday july 27

Thursday, July 5, 2007