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City to mark bike month with ride led by Battle

This is happening here:)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Times Staff Writer john.peck@htimes.com
Officials hope to have updated map of trails by May

Huntsville will kick off National Bike Month in May with a safety awareness blitz and a symbolic ride led by Mayor Tommy Battle.

On May 2, Battle will lead a short group bicycle ride through town, Battle said at a news conference Monday.

"Cyclists and citizens from across the community will ride as more of a symbol that we are a bike-friendly town," Battle said.

Battle said more than half the promised 100 "Share the Road" signs have been erected around the city, and news public service announcements are planned to educate motorists and bicyclists on rules of the road.

City planners are also updating a map of the city's 158 miles of bike paths and greenways for mass distribution, possibly by May. City leaders are also looking for opportunities to widen shoulders or build dedicated bike lanes in city road improvement projects.

The bike safety initiatives kicked into gear last fall with the formation of a Bicycle Advisory and Safety Committee. The panel was formed after the death in September of a 20-year-old University of Alabama in Huntsville student who was struck by a car as she cycled from campus to her Old Madison Pike apartment.

Capt. Rodney Baker, head of the police department's bike patrol unit, stressed Monday that bicyclists have the same right to the roadways as motorists, but must also follow the same rules including riding with the flow of traffic, obeying all road signs and traffic signals, and using lights at night.

Motorists, meanwhile, should respect cyclists' rights and approach them slowly and give them at least three feet of clearance when passing.

Baker said officers have been instructed to use "discretion" in deciding whether to enforce a city ordinance banning bicyclists from riding on sidewalks.

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Last Nights Critical Mass Video

Thanks Derek!!!!!

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Critical Mass Playlist

Tyler is compiling this months Critical Mass playlist. He will be the rolling DJ for friday. So if you have a song request put them in the comments.

Lets all try to make some noise and be seen, so bring noisemakers, whistles, opera singers or just your loud mouth:)

This is a rolling party!!!!!!!!

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City to begin bike-lane projects

Sorry not here again.

“We're making great strides,” said attendee at Bicycle Summit.

Bicyclers spoke, and the city listened.

Months after the city asked the public how it could become more bicycle friendly, a request that brought back more than 4,000 responses, the city held a Bicycle Summit on Saturday at the downtown Allen County Public Library.

There, Mayor Tom Henry made the roughly 250 bikers in attendance happy, announcing three pilot projects that would place designated bicycle lanes in three main city streets.

For a city with plenty of recreational biking routes but void of any road lanes dedicated to urban transportation, those plans represent progress.

“(Residents) are currently using our Rivergreenway and other trails and paths to get around, but they also said if we were to work with them in developing an infrastructure that would allow them to have a safer route to get to their points of destination, they would ride their bikes to work, they would ride their bikes to the shopping centers, to the malls, to the parks and so on,” said Henry.

The lanes set for Wayne and Berry streets will run from South Anthony Boulevard through downtown to Thieme Drive, connecting the Maumee Pathway to the St. Marys Pathway. The lanes would not eliminate any traffic lanes or parking.

Rudisill Boulevard will receive designated bicycle lanes on both sides of the street, and will run from McMillen Park to Foster Park.

Those lanes will slice the boulevard, halving it from two through-lanes in each direction to one each way.

The north side of the city will find routes on Reed Road designed to connect to the Greenway at the Tennessee Bridge.

The lanes will be built on existing roadways. The lane projects will be of “minimal” cost to taxpayers, as well.

The Wayne and Berry street lanes already have 80 percent of the cost covered federally; the city has applied for stimulus money to fund the $1 million cost that city traffic engineer Shan Gunawardena said the Rudisill lanes would cost, and the Reed lanes have been estimated at less than$20,000.

But based on the turnout of the standing-room-only summit, cost took a backseat to the progress the city is making.

“Definitely we're making progress,” said Nancy Tibbett, executive director of the Indiana Bicycle Coalition.

“I do believe that the vision is here with the city's leadership. We're not Portland, we're not San Francisco, but we're making great strides.”

Henry said the projects are very early in their planning, and he could not provide a timeline on when construction could begin.

Henry also said more lanes could be on the way, as the city will continue to work with residents in summits like Saturday's.

For avid biker Tim Zumbaugh, the more lanes, the better.

“There are some good things going on that will help some of the routes I usually get into and are used quite a bit, but I think we need a lot more,” said Zumbaugh.

“There are a lot of city roads that aren't very bicycle friendly. I've been to Columbus, Ohio, and Milwaukee, places that have a lot of bike lanes, and you see a lot of use of those. But, I'm encouraged.”

JOX Update

Hey Travis,
I am writing you in regards to the WJOX debacle. The fella who made the comments during the segment of the show is a friend of mine. We competed in sports back in the day and I spoke to him this morning at length. He understands fully that his comment, even in jest, was inappropriate. We are looking for a positive from a negative. Many cyclists have contacted the store and the sponsors, unfortunately, several have been threatening and vulgar. LT and WJOX want to help cycling in Birmingham with some Public Service Announcements. I am putting them in touch with Tom Maxwell and the regional planning commission to team up to support and local cycling cause. I will keep you posted on our progress. LT is a quality person that said something stupid. We have an opportunity to educate him and the WJOX listeners of our perspective and needs as riders. I, personally, am in favor of getting something positive out of this without a "pound of flesh" attitude. WJOX has heard the message loud and clear. Please post this for me on your site. Thank you! Joe Wenning Bike Link.

When will our city start addressing this attitude here? tick tock, tick tock

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Comments are working again

Sorry, for the technical difficulties.

Are we going to victims or.........

This was also said by the leader of the republican party two weeks ago http://bellovelo.blogspot.com/2009/03/your-hero-speaks.html

Sure you have heard by know about the Birmingham radio incident. But if not here is some of the info. Enough to fill out the FCC complaint form that takes less than a few minutes. Very easy. Just skip number 3 question and fill in the best you can and put comments at the bottom. Attempts are being made to find out who the sponsors of the program are also.

Thank you to all of you for taking these few minutes to do this.

Paraphrasing--- the host something like
I wish people would just hit them. Wish someone would clip them and send them flying over their handlebars.

Birmingham radio station
94.5 FM
11:50 am

Here is the link to the FCC complaint form.


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From Sundays Mud Bowl

Pics from Sunday Polo

view pics here

new fixed gear

If you thought your bike was cool, here is the best combination of brakeless fixed gear and fix push:

I don't want to see any hipsters on one that can't really rep it.

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Tyler Brown teaches hicksters and hipsters how to skid stop.

Our own cycling Legend Tyler ( he is the reigning alley cat champ right? ) has made the Wired website....

From Wired Online Stop a Fixed Gear Bicycle
read and watch here

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Sec. LaHood: “You have a full partner at the US DOT”

could we have him call ALDOT?

Ray LaHood, President Obama’s Transportation Secretary kicked off the opening plenary at the National Bike Summit this morning.

LaHood, sporting the ubiquitous bike pin, made it clear that he symbolizes a new era of cooperation between the U.S. Department of Transportation and bike and active transportation advocates around the country. As I reported last night, LaHood is focused on the idea of “livable communities”.

At the outset of his remarks, he said, “I want all of you to know you have a full partner at the US DOT in working toward livable communities”. A key theme of LaHood’s remarks was that he and President Obama will work hard help make communities nicer places to walk and bike. LaHood said that he and Obama, “Will work toward an America where bikes are recognized to coexist with other modes and to safely share our roads and bridges.” more here

Woman sues Portland police officers over bike light arrest


The Oregonian reported Monday night that a 57 year-old St. Johns woman is suing two Portland police officers in U.S. District Court for an incident six years ago that began because she was riding her bike without lights.

Here’s more from The Oregonian:
…saying they violated her civil rights. Freedom Child, a St. Johns resident, said she is making it a federal case because the city failed to investigate when she filed a complaint about her treatment in 2003.

Police say Child ignored their requests to stop after they saw her riding in the street without lights. They say when she ran to a house, they chased her down and took her into custody on her porch using reasonable force. read more here at bike portland.org

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For George

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For the second year in a row, the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign kicked off National Bike Month on May 5th with distinguished speakers at a one-time event. Speakers from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the Mayor's Office, Atlanta Bicycle Campaign, and the local community highlighted the importance of "Sharing the Road" to the future of a cleaner and greener Atlanta.

Unveiled at this event was the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign's "I'm on that Bike" program, which promotes safe road travel for all users and will stimulate connection between car drivers and cyclists. "It becomes easy," said Atlanta Bicycle Campaign's Rebecca Serna, "to forget that cyclists are also mothers, teachers, office workers, or students." The ads will focus on driver caution around cyclists.

One wonders how this will be here in Mayberry

Each May, National Bike Month focuses attention on this clean, green alternative transit and is highlighted by Bike to Work Week from May 12 to 16 and the National Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 16. In concert with these special events is the ongoing, national Share the Road initiative that advocates awareness of traffic laws, cyclists as lawful road users, and the need for motorized vehicles to do as the slogan suggests.

Contact Your Governor

Tell your Governor to Build Bicycle and Pedestrian facilities with Economic Recovery Funding

Congress set aside funding for the transportation enhancement program, which funds bicycle and pedestrian projects.  However, they also gave states a time limit. States must identify which projects they want to fund, and to obligate the funding to those projects.If states do not do so, they will have to give back the money.
CALL or WRITE your Governor now to ensure that important bicycle and pedestrian projects get built, and the funding is not wasted.

On Monday, March 2, 2009, America Bikes sent each of the Governors a letter requesting they obligate their transportation enhancement funding in a timely manner.  Now we need you to follow up:


CALL your Governor now to ensure that important bicycle and pedestrian projects get built, and the funding is not wasted.
Call: (334) 242-7000 Or
fax a message to: (334) 353-0004

Another email link to the governor is at: http://www.alabamainteractive.org/alabamainteractive_shell/Welcome.do?url=http://governor.alabama.gov/

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If this does not piss you off.......

When will "they" start educating motorists here?


From C.I.C.L.E.org

What does Rush Limbaugh have to say about bicycling?

Published March 5, 2009 by Examiner.com

What does Rush Limbaugh, the media’s latest obsession and the man many are calling the de facto leader of the GOP, have to say about bicycling? Quite a bit, it turns out.

In mid-February, in response to a proposed city ordinance in Madison that would charge motorists who open vehicle doors unsafely a $100 fee, Limbaugh let listeners know he didn’t much care whether pesky cyclists get doored. On his radio show, Limbaugh said:

"Frankly, if the door opens into a bicycle rider I won't care. I think they ought to be off the streets and on the sidewalk. Don't misunderstand here, you bike riders, do not misunderstand this, but I mean if you're going to get in the street, get over there, get over as far right in the lane as you can. You ought to see Saturday morning where I live. It looks like a swarm of mosquitoes. It causes you to take an alternate route. And so now poor bike riders, some old codger opens the car door, bam! The bike rider does a head flip over the door. I haven't seen that. Now they want to fine you for not only opening the door, you don't close it soon enough, you get a $50 fine in Madison, Wisconsin. (laughing)"

Later, Limbaugh had this to say when a deferent listener called to point out he’d been doored twice while riding:

"Why are you so damn close to the car? You're on a bike. You've got all the lane room in the world, unless you're in a pack of bikers and you can't move."

When the caller then points out it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalk, Rush responded with this:

"I know, and kind of tees me off. The sidewalks are for pedestrians, the streets are for pedestrians when they happen to wander in one, and now the streets are for bike riders -- and we automobile drivers, what do we do, we have to give way we have to yield to everybody who streets are not designed for."

Yes, Rush, you do. Roads are not designed exclusively for automobiles drivers. They’re designed for people, some of whom happen to ride bikes. Deal with it.

That said, if you really want cyclists out of your way on the roadways, you might tell your pals in the House and the Senate to give up the grandstanding and get serious about funding more dedicated bicycle infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the more politicians drag their feet on bicycle infrastructure, the more drivers will have to contend with ticked-off cyclists, such as Jeff Frings.

:: Watch Video :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJmxCuPiM0c

Original Article: http://www.examiner.com/x-2429-DC-Bicycle-Transportation-Examiner~y2009m3d5-What-does-Rush-Limbaugh-have-to-say-about-bicycling

More from Monster Track X.

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anti theft lunch bag

Don't you hate it when some one steals your lunch and it's only 10 bucks.....http://www.thinkofthe.com

Louisville has started up their Critical Mass!!!!


mmmmmmm.... da ladies ride?

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Alabama House roll call on gourmet beer

Votes Tuesday as the Alabama House, on a 49-37 vote, approved a bill to allow the sale of stronger beer in Alabama Read more


The Bicycle Mayor - Klaus Bondam from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

From http://www.velorution.biz/

Above is the man in charge of developing and implementing the cycling strategy for Copenhagen, filmed by Mikael Colville. Notice that before mentioning the City’s 3×50x15 targets, he affirms the importance of getting children to ride their bicycles as early as possible, “the Danish way”.

Contrast this to Boris Johnson’s transport strategy document, full of waffle but only a brief mention of ‘kids cycling to school’.
A customer came to the shop yesterday with his nine year old daughter, riding five kilometres from home. It was a beautiful day but not a pleasant experience: he was harassed by bus drivers and unable to find a quiet route [I advised him on an alternative for his retun journey]

Rather than spending millions on grandiose projects with uncertain returns, I would urge Transport for London to adopt a single simple goal:“Make any three kilometre cycling journey in the city safe for a nine year old to ride by him/herself.”I assure you that if that is achieved, you will have cycling’s modal share in the 30’s (which is where Copenhagen is now). That is investment rather than speculation.

UPDATE 27.2.9 - In this post, Karl applies the goal to Newcastle and equates it to a Kennedyan challenge. If we were able to put a man on the moon in 9 years, safe cycling for children in 20 years seems an achievable goal.

copenhagen makes huntsville look like a ???

Copenhagenize.com - Winter Cycling Redux from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

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Monster Track X

The start more to come

Monster Track 10 from Michael Green on Vimeo.

Oatmeal Beatbox

Oatmeal Beatbox from fi5e on Vimeo.