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What does Rush Limbaugh have to say about bicycling?

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What does Rush Limbaugh, the media’s latest obsession and the man many are calling the de facto leader of the GOP, have to say about bicycling? Quite a bit, it turns out.

In mid-February, in response to a proposed city ordinance in Madison that would charge motorists who open vehicle doors unsafely a $100 fee, Limbaugh let listeners know he didn’t much care whether pesky cyclists get doored. On his radio show, Limbaugh said:

"Frankly, if the door opens into a bicycle rider I won't care. I think they ought to be off the streets and on the sidewalk. Don't misunderstand here, you bike riders, do not misunderstand this, but I mean if you're going to get in the street, get over there, get over as far right in the lane as you can. You ought to see Saturday morning where I live. It looks like a swarm of mosquitoes. It causes you to take an alternate route. And so now poor bike riders, some old codger opens the car door, bam! The bike rider does a head flip over the door. I haven't seen that. Now they want to fine you for not only opening the door, you don't close it soon enough, you get a $50 fine in Madison, Wisconsin. (laughing)"

Later, Limbaugh had this to say when a deferent listener called to point out he’d been doored twice while riding:

"Why are you so damn close to the car? You're on a bike. You've got all the lane room in the world, unless you're in a pack of bikers and you can't move."

When the caller then points out it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalk, Rush responded with this:

"I know, and kind of tees me off. The sidewalks are for pedestrians, the streets are for pedestrians when they happen to wander in one, and now the streets are for bike riders -- and we automobile drivers, what do we do, we have to give way we have to yield to everybody who streets are not designed for."

Yes, Rush, you do. Roads are not designed exclusively for automobiles drivers. They’re designed for people, some of whom happen to ride bikes. Deal with it.

That said, if you really want cyclists out of your way on the roadways, you might tell your pals in the House and the Senate to give up the grandstanding and get serious about funding more dedicated bicycle infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the more politicians drag their feet on bicycle infrastructure, the more drivers will have to contend with ticked-off cyclists, such as Jeff Frings.

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themilkman said...

This Rush guy is even more of an asshole now than when I hated him as a kid. What could a fat ass junky know about bike laws anyway? He's a big time menace in more ways than one. Scary thing is, people actually listen to him and agree!

I am currently growing eyes in the back of my head.


beardsarefun said...

i feel the same way...i already couldnt stand this guy, and now... i didnt think people still listened to him.

clintpatty said...

I didn't read the article. But I'm pretty sure I don't care and already have an idea of what he thinks. Overall he is not a good leader for a beneficial direction of the GOP for the benefit of America. Or if you're a hardcore Democrat you probably hope the GOP wholeheartedly adopts what his suggestions.

Peter said...

He's a silly little man with an opinion. I just wish he didn't get so much attention.

Bello Velo said...

I think he is very American when it comes to his attitudes towards bicyclists.

When your right of passage into manhood is getting a car and a can kind of understand the mentality.

As far as politically, I try to not get my Ideas from a junkie on hillbilly heroin.