Friday, August 31, 2007

Artist making statement with bicycle repair

SACKVILLE (Staff) –Michael Flaherty is not your average cross-Canada traveller.

Not only is he bicyling from coast to coast, but he is also fixing bicycles along the way encouraging to ride more often and lessen their dependence on automobiles.

Flaherty will stop at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre in Sackville from Sept. 4 to 10 and will tuning up bicycles while he’s here.

The Regina artist has stopped at a number of galleries to exhibit The Bicycle Rehabilitation Project.

read more here

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Contest to name new hike-bike trail (not here)

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson wants citizens’ help in naming the 100-mile hike and bike trail that will circle the city. more here
I think we should call it lorrettavilleinhersuvLink

Tommorow Night

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Went to Nashville last night to see Elizabeth Edwards speak and answer questions. When we arrived at the restaurant a woman came and sat with us, we said where are you from? She answered Huntsville. She said " Its not easy being a democrat in huntsville because of the military. Hard to disagree with that one since being here I have only met maybe two people who have said they were anything but republican.

Elizabeth Edwards arrived and spoke I was amazed, she spoke to everyone like they were adults, she did not dumb it down, she presented the facts, not fears, no terrorists behind every tree. She was proud that they made there living suing corporations and have made the world a better place. litigation is not always bad. I know some would rather pick on a single mother on welfare than go after enron and the likes but hey you are probably mentally ill or suffering from a labotomy.

I am throwing my support loudly behind John Edwards he can make this a country that I would like to live in. I would encourage everyone to take a look at the issues here.
Signed a proud left wing, liberal, etc etc....

i sent it and a flyer to the mayor

MATT!!!!!!! Get on the horn tell Terry Hatfield that I am not a ringleader of a terrorist when the cops come to the next not reveal my identity!

I sent Loretta that letter today...and a critical mass flyer. (c/o Terry Hatfield)

I identify only if I go to jail...guys and gals please start a fund to bail me out.

I feel a revolution coming on....oh wait...never mind, its just my heard aching from the lack of bomb throwers in the revolution.


slim jim on the sanity brim ready to trim trim that nose hair schisim

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Greetings all.

I just watched the movie "zeitgeist" at Please take some time out of your day to watch it.

Due to this and other signs, my family and i are taking steps toward "waking up"

I encourage you to also wake up.

To the Godless and the Faithful I urge you to pray, meditate and think about your lives and what you work so hard for.

I have been saying for years that "we are not free...America is dead...the constitution is null and void and the only thing that seems to make people happy is knowing that there is a dollar in their pocket at the end of the day."

Please throw out all the things that keep you placated and get some real clarity....the truth shall come to you..the lies shall become apparent...and the signs of change will hopefully motivate you.

On an end note, September 15th some peeps are heading up to DC to protest the war and the president. If we do not return know that we took action, we participated in preserving freedom and we cannot ever look back and say "I should of done something"


Violeas Namuraktu

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Assholes in cars

Sometimes when I am just sick and tired of getting honked and yelled at by inconsiderate mindless neanderthals on the road I figure that I will head for the safety and security of the mountains to enjoy a bit of trail riding. So, after I got off of work today I decided to go montain biking and get a bit of a workout. My ride was absolutely fantastic until I was on my way down the mountain on Bankhead Parkway when a car full of spineless, fecal matter eating, uneducated pricks decided they would get a quick laugh by throwing a full, not to mention huge, drink at me while I was going about 38 mph downhill. If the drink would have hit me I would have easily been knocked off my bike and either seriously injured or killed. As soon as it all happened I took off after the car without thinking and as soon as I caught up the car and they realized that I wasn't going to just let the whole thing go, the C#CK flogging candy-ass pricks sped off instead of getting out and confronting me, which just goes to show that people are much more brave in a car than they are face to face. So just a reminder to not let anyone in a car intimidate you! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND SHOW WHOSE REALLY BRAVE!

Burn Fat Not Fuel
Matt B.

Strike another one to The ACTIVISTS!!!!!

Activists call for Palm Beach County to mark bike lanes

Activists say marked county roads would boost safety

Miles and miles of bike lanes crisscross Palm Beach County.

But many people wouldn't know it. That's because the county doesn't label the 4-foot paved shoulders along major roads as bike lanes even though they are set aside specifically for bikes.

It's a bone of contention among county bicycle activists who have battled with the county for years to get it to mark the shoulders as bike lanes. The designated bike lanes — 4- to 5-feet wide with signs and specific markings — mLinkake it safer for bicyclists to ride the roads and would encourage more people to ride bikes, bike activists say.

red more here

read it and weep

“Our freedoms are gone, liberties raped and our bureaucrats are to blame.” Do not point at the democrats or republicans, point at yourselves. I sit and write on a stormy night. This is the 4th document I have written in the past hour that reflects my burning desire to re-ignite the passions of others in my community.

This is a letter that anyone could have typed and sent anywhere in the world.

This is a letter that I chose to write because I felt it more important to fight for my freedom on peaceful terms rather that placate myself with shallow media and entertainment.

This letter represents how I am choosing to speak, write and act out my disdain for the current state of this country of ours.

This writing makes me think about what I can actually do for the country, the world, my survival and most of all my happiness.

My voice that speaks out disturbs no one at this point. The ticking of the keys is meditative, the whine of the computer fan is somewhat elemental of how archaic computers are and that they generate heat as a waste product, just like a car.

Those with power and influence in the vicinity of our leaders can be on our side, they can be our voice, they are our representatives. And it theses people we elect to do this job.

My message to all is to just write and get it out there. Most of all send it to your representative who YOU VOTED FOR. Hold them accountable. They hold you accountable for exercising you right to vote.

That representative may or may not actually read your letter, but his or her representative will, and they will document your response and your name will appear in a list supporting a particular bill, or act and this bill will be seen but our leadership, and his representatives and the representatives of the democratic process. What a long winding road for on name to travel upon.

So every time we get on our two wheeled horses and pedal, each stroke is a key stroke, a pen stroke and our road is our paper, our internet, linking us with everyone. We are the representatives, so lets act the part and do our jobs.

Critical mass…This coming Friday at 6:30. starts at the courthouse.

letter to loretta (feedback welcome its being mailed tues)

To: Loretta Spencer and administration

From: James Spagnola, Director of Life Cycles bicycle co-op

Subject: Participation in the Huntsville Critical Mass


I am inviting you along with city planners, civil engineers and other members of government to Huntsville’s Critical Mass starting at the courthouse on every 4th Friday of the month at 6:30 PM. I will be more that happy to provide a few bicycles for you and some other officials to ride so you can take part in what is to be the future of culture in this beautiful city of ours.

I have been working extensively with some close friends of yours as well as city employees to make Huntsville a more bike friendly place. Along with Manna House, Alabike, Bello Velo, SORBA and the Spring City Cycling I have been advocating for bicycles as a legitimate mode of transportation for more than 5 years.

I am aware of past, present and future pro-bike actions and implementations supported by the city. I have also reviewed the greenways plan and the urban planning commission’s implementation of it. The greenway will truly keep Huntsville on the map of the “America’s Top 10 Adventure Spots” but will not act as a substitute for shared roadway use by cyclists and motorists. The city is much more enjoyable when it is not moving a million miles a minute; lets us preserve the “small town feeling” and let me help you keep this city safe, clean and eventful. Your participation and the participation of your administration will show many of the participants that you truly support of alternative modes of transportation. This event will also be a great tool for you to understand how bicycle commuters see the city.

Thank you,

James Spagnola

fun with photoshop

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Starring You--on a Bike, in a Bus, on Foot

We all know cars take up more space than buses, bikes, or feet (not to mention generate more pollution, etc.). But there's nothing like visuals to make it real.

This Sunday, I-Sustain, along with regional transportation agencies, is shutting down Seattle's Second Avenue between Cherry and Marion Streets to do a staged photo demonstration--from 6am to 1pm--of alternative transportation vs. cars They're looking for 200 volunteers for the shoot. (That's where you come in. See I-Sustain's website for details or contact Kristie Maxim.)

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and King Count Exec Ron Sims will be on hand to flex their transportation street cred.

The pictures at left--taken in Scandinavia in the 1970s--tell the story that's expected to be repeated for Puget Sound. As the photos show, it takes 177 cars to move the same amount of people that can fit in a single bike lane, 2 1/2 buses, or a single light rail train.

It's good timing in our books, now that Seattle commuters have surprised planners and media alike with a much more adaptable response than expected to the I-5 lane closures.

P.S. -- The section of Second was chosen because it's the only one-way street in Seattle with a bike lane, a bus lane, and the Space Needle in the background.

our hero

Wal Mart Fun

How to almost get killed in Alabama

bike of the 70's

Thanks Nolan

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Links to wake up to

Major Taylor
Blogs from Iraqis
Velocity Nation
Cadence Clothing
Bikes To Rwanda
Cranked Magazines

What would be the point if we told you what they were. Still cant figure out what is happening to our header logo???

City Council Approves Bicycle-Friendly Steps

Issue #20.34 :: 08/22/2007 - 08/28/2007
City Council Approves Bicycle-Friendly Steps

Local Cyclist Wins Over Council with Presentation


It’s all about bicycling for Columbia resident Natalie Britt. “I bike everywhere just about,” says Britt, who lives in the in-town Shandon neighborhood.

Spry and sprightly, Britt knows how to give a presentation as well: not too short, not too long; just right.

Britt gave precisely such a narrative, on how to make Columbia more bicycle friendly, to City Council on Aug. 15. “We’d really like to start to advertise a bike rack design contest,” Britt told the council. She is co-chair of a committee the elected body created to try to foster greater affability in Columbia toward the two-wheeled set. Progress on that front would yield health, economic, environmental and other benefits, Britt said. read more here

Berlin's Bicycle Boom

At the beginning of her fellowship in Berlin,'s Christine Lagorio learned very quickly not to set foot in the city's bicycle lanes. In a city where less than half of residents own a car, the bicycle is omnipresent. read more here

I Think this guy sould stick with a nice beach cruiser

Thanks T

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reminder: Current TV's Ecospot Contest Rolls On

For anyone still requiring inspiration for creating their own video for Current TV's Ecospot Contest, we submit "Break Free," a user-created video offering an eco-tip familiar to TreeHugger. While we'll make you watch the video, to get the full effect, here's a hint: there are six wheels and human power involved. Remember, they're looking for your creative, provocative take on how to solve the climate crisis, and you have precisely 15, 30 or 60 seconds of video to do so. The clock is ticking ever-closer to the September 12 submission deadline, so make haste and remember that there's more than just pride at stake: you can win your very own climate change fighter: a shiny new Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Dive in to the details here before you submit and see more sample vids here and here on TreeHugger and here on Current. ::Current TV's Ecospot Contest

City aims to maximize bicycle parking space with new two-sided racks

As the number of Westmounters getting around by two-wheeled conveyance appears to be on the rise, the City of Westmount is keeping up with the trend by facilitating the parking of bicycles.

Sadly its not this city. Read More Here

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We are only 6 percent of the world's population, but we produce about a quarter of the world's greenhouse gases

The ugly American is the lazy fat guy

mowing down the trees in his personal Sherman tank

It's the paranoid 90-pound woman whose forehead

barely crests over the steering wheel

of her three-ton cocoon

We are the nation of insufferable whiners

about our subsidized price of gas

''You Americans and your giant cars,'' a British hiker said to us at a Swiss alpine hut. ''Why do you need those things?''

''Your cars are monstrous,'' said a German telecommunications businessman on a train out of Frankfurt. ''It's unbelievable that anyone would need a car the size you drive.''

''Doesn't anyone care about the environment back in the States?'' asked one of our hosts in rural northern Germany.

Bush was held in a particular scorn by nearly every European we met in a recent vacation to Switzerland and Germany. His pulling out of the Kyoto accords on global warming was viewed as an arrogant declaration of who owns the White House. As the British hiker put it, ''You are the United States of Oil.''

The sneer we show to the world on the environment is sure to worsen before it gets better. Last month a report in the US Department of Transportation report found that sport utility vehicles, minivans, and pickup trucks now account for 51 percent of new vehicle sales.

The report also found that those vehicles, classified as light-duty trucks, now account for more miles driven on American roads than passenger cars.

The effects of these gas guzzlers are becoming as choking as a sheet of smog. Preliminary federal figures released last month found that in the last three years, carbon dixoide emissions from transportation have for the first time surpassed the CO2 emissions from industrial sources. Carbon dioxide emissions are a leading contributor to global warming.

In greater Washington, D.C., the percentage of SUVs has grown from 15 percent of personal vehicles to 25 percent in the last five years.

The spewing of emissions from these cars that get less than 20 miles a gallon will likely force the region over its acceptable limits for air pollution. If the region goes over the limit, it cannot initiate new road and bridge projects.

Just as the size of the American house has grown even as the size of the American family has shrunk, the size of our cars has mushroomed without an excusable rationale.

Detroit keeps telling us we need sport utility vehicles to roar over mountains and plow through lakes. The dream of leaving one's tire tracks on rugged landscapes has allowed auto makers to charge on average 58 percent more for SUVs than passenger cars.

But in the report from the Department of Transportation, authors Kara Maria Kockelman and Yong Zhao of the University of Texas found that sport utility vehicles are used no more than passenger cars for recreational purposes.

Years ago, the auto lobby succeeded in avoiding miles-per-gallon standards on SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks by having them classified as cargo vehicles. But the authors found ''no strong indication that minivans and SUVs are used as `work' vehicles.''

They even found that ''pickups are more popular among households than they were 20 years ago when American life was less urban, so it is not clear that pickups are performing unusual services either.''

It is clear what unusual damage the giant American car is doing. The Europeans we met were quick to say they were not perfect, with a highly publicized debate this spring in northern Germany over nuclear waste.

What they could not understand was the extent of America's ignorance, denial, or selfishness about a problem we could easily work on by raising fuel standards.

We are only 6 percent of the world's population, but we produce about a quarter of the world's greenhouse gases.

This week, it was reported that a panel appointed by the National Academy of Sciences says that fuel efficiency can be increased. But, fitting of a panel backed by Bush, the report set no specific goals.

The panel included no environmentalists, only engineers and consultants tied to the oil and auto industries.

That does not inspire much hope of a serious raising of standards. It will surely inspire more shaking of heads from our European friends.

In their minds American men are going to grow fatter and women even more tiny as our cars grow from tanks into aircraft carriers. Americans seem incapable of looking themselves in the mirror and declaring how ugly they are. Derrick Z. Jackson @ Common Dreams

Cycling in Malaysia


‘BABU’ Muscarella is new to Kuala Lumpur but instead of familiarising himself with the public transportation system, he cycles everywhere.

The 28-year-old Mexican belongs to Cyclown Circus, a group of westerners who has made the city its base for several weeks and commutes on their trusty and showy bicycles.

You might think they are foreigners on a shoestring holiday with lots of time on their hands, hence they cycle everywhere. Indeed, Cyclown members lead a carefree lifestyle but they try to convey a strong ecological warning: human addiction to petroleum. So, everywhere they go, they promote cycling as a sustainable means of transportation.

Read More Here

First France Now China

As we continue to fall behind the rest of the world. It is great to see progress in other countries read more here

More here Beijing to put 50,000 bicycles for rent

Monday, August 20, 2007

Action Alert: Tell your congress people to support these bills.

Please contact you senators and representatives here and tell them to support the bicycle commuter act. Its simple so act!

Bicycle Commuter Act reintroduced

Support Healthy Places Act of 2006 (S. 2506)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

polo at 6

yeah, what the title says...polo at 6. Bring beer and a tough bike. Same place as last time.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

This says it all.....

If this does not piss you off ( and make you yell ) then maybe we are living in stepford.

Action Alert: Respond to Secretary Peter’s Comments

League of American Bicyclists Responds to U.S. Transportation Secretary’s comments on PBS Transportation Secretary Mary Peters talks about infrastructure problems and travel initiatives. Peters cited “bicycle paths” as a prime example of the waste.

Last night on the PBS NewsHour with Jim Leher, DOT Secretary Mary Peters was interviewed by Gwen Ifill. Peters, when asked about a possible gas tax increase, repeated President Bush’s response - No, there can be no tax increase because Congress is wasting the money they already get. Peters cited “bicycle paths” as a prime example of the waste because bicycles are not a transportation use of the gas tax money. It is disappointing that the administration is attacking Jim Oberstar for his efforts to get the Minneapolis bridge repaired along with raising all the funding for transportation maintenance, by using Oberstar’s support for bicycles as a weapon.

The League of American Bicyclists feels strongly that this should not go without a response and we have sent a letter to Secretary Peters voicing our view. Click here to view our response.

For those of you who feel strongly about bicycling issues, we would also urge you to contact the Secretary to share your personal viewpoints.
To listen to a copy of the program click here

Friday, August 17, 2007

pic of the day

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

bike polo rules

Hey guys here are the rules for polo:

seems as Matt did cheat, making Jim/Jim/Tyler's team the absolute victors!!!!! woot!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

thanks trailhead

Trailhead is now the first bike shop with a real bike rack!

AAAAAAAAmazing isn't it!

Stop in and use it!

Hall of shame

here are our hall of shamers: The Krogers on both Oakwood and Drake. We talked to a couple people who are good with the high ups at Kro-mart they may be nudging them for a rack. We also talked to the manager of the one on Drake and he said "He will put in for it"

nice rack

If you look closely past the irony, you will see a nice big bike rack in the shade of the wal-mart on Drake.

This was to be an Alley Cat stop, but when we arrived, they already had a bike rack. It serves as an excellent seat for those using the pay phone to receive important calls from Labor Ready. *smirk*

Monday, August 13, 2007

Alley cat and bike polo results

The winner of the alley Cat was Bill Battle

In second was Tyler brown

Both gave back their winnings which was a great gesture that this town was starving for some bike culture and the gratitude for which it now exists.

Bike polo:

Anyone interested in doing polo lets exchange emails and phonies so we can play a couple times a month.

The winners of that were the team which consisted of: Matt Blevins, Gabe Bradley and Vic (don't know last name)

The other team, Jim Garvin, Jim Spagnola and Tyler Brown Lost mainly because the blindfolds they were wearing and the hands that tied behind their backs.

In other news,Matt Blevins will be "beat in" to Bello Velo by doing the next Alley Cat. He has plans to make a "college run" so it looks like it will be a doosey.
He will be posting when the time comes near.

Critical Mass Is on Friday the 31st

Saturday, August 11, 2007

alley cat info

Alley cat starts at star market, race time is 6 pm, ends at house of brews

We should end around 7, then swing by my place for some more beer and maybe some food, probably pasta or something, then off to bike polo about a block away. We will improvise as necessary, yeah.

Any questions call me at 256-348-5189 or stop by trailhead after 10:30

jim spagnola

Cool Video From Nashville Band

Friday, August 10, 2007

Next Project

Looks like we are getting a rack at Star!!! Thanks for you help.

I have already started at Garden Cove as our next project. email:

However I was thinking about this:
I have contacted house of brews a couple of times and they dont own the land etc...

The square downtown ( 4 corners ) are open for 4 bike racks on each corner.

I propose that we:

1: find out who to contact
2: write a letter to mayor, council people etc...
3: petition
4: invite mayor and council people for a bike ride put them on a tandem or something not to kill them:)

We could call it the "Get out and ride Loretta"

lets discuss
Jim G.

Help Wanted

We are looking for some co bloggers / activists to help out send us an email to discuss.


Thank You Star Market

Thanks to all who filled out the petition and thank you Star Market for ordering and installing a nice spanking new wave bike rack. It will be by the mailbox.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Star Market 5 Points Petition

Ok folks time to quit bitchin and do something. We have started a petition to Star Market 5 Point to install a Bike Rack. They are expanding the parking lot for cars and no plan is in place for a bike rack. Now is the time to act!!
You can also Call and ask for the Manager TJ Morris @ (256) 534-4509
Star Market - Huntsville 702 Pratt Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35804

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

this is classic!

Ha, look at this!

We need to get more people bloggin on here! Next alley cat is initiation day! We will be taking names!

Next Crit we are also taking names and emails!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Went out sunday to staples to pick up some printing and like always I lean my bike up in the vestibule. While waiting to pickup my stuff a hefty man named Mike Hamilton Assistant Manager told me that because of the store policy I would have to move my bike immediately. I said that I was not going to do that as there is no place to lock it and he would have to wait until I finished. I proceeded to ask him if I had a stroller and put it there would I be asked the same thing? he said no that was not a mode of transportation, then I said what about a wheelchair? he said no thats different.

Anyways we are doing a alleycat next sunday and thanks to MIKE HAMILTON uber Assistant Manager we have made this a stop.

So to all please continue to go to staples and park your bike in the vestibule!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

our hero

star market

Went by to pick up some things at star market here in 5 points. Had to really work at finding a place to lock my bike up there. I asked one of the employees if they " star" had considered putting in a bike rack for people like myself who do not want to drive. He kind of smiled and said it was not high on their priority list but building a bigger parking lot was. I asked him if he knew that a lot of cyclists shopped there and what about them......

So I think we should let them hear our voice and try to get them to see it our way. We will be starting an online petition to get star to see it our way. We will be putting up info early this week so stay tuned and feel free to add your opinion.

Friday, August 3, 2007

sad sad day

My bike has been stolen. If any one see it out there let me know thanks.