Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Star Market 5 Points Petition

Ok folks time to quit bitchin and do something. We have started a petition to Star Market 5 Point to install a Bike Rack. They are expanding the parking lot for cars and no plan is in place for a bike rack. Now is the time to act!!
You can also Call and ask for the Manager TJ Morris @ (256) 534-4509
Star Market - Huntsville 702 Pratt Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35804


Bill Battle said...

Maybe we can contact the City and see about getting a free bike rack from them and then offer it to Star Market. That way, eveyone wins.

The SCCC has contacts with the Transportation dept. If you'd like, I could contact them and see what's possible.

I imagine if Star Market was faced with a free bike rack delivered to its door by a bunch of cyclists they'd be hard pressed to turn it down. And if they did, we'd just take the rack and our business elsewhere.

Bello Velo said...

I would like to try this if our petition does not work. I do like the idea but lets wait and see if this works. Thanks for you input.

bill said...

The petition link is now on the SCCC group e-mails; you should be getting a lot more signatures.

I looked online for some bike racks and found some good ones. A 7 bike "wave" rack with shipping would be less than $400 and would take up just one parking spot. Comes in lots of colors.

There are cheaper and more expensive racks but I'm not a fan of the ones that only allow the back wheel to be locked up unless you carry an 8-foot cable lock.

Presenting Star Market with options along with the petition should lessen any tension or bad feelings.

Heck, I'd be willing to install the thing. I've got a very nice impact drill for putting in the bolts.

Bello Velo said...

I will include this when we present it to them. thanks thats a good idea.