Sunday, August 26, 2007

read it and weep

“Our freedoms are gone, liberties raped and our bureaucrats are to blame.” Do not point at the democrats or republicans, point at yourselves. I sit and write on a stormy night. This is the 4th document I have written in the past hour that reflects my burning desire to re-ignite the passions of others in my community.

This is a letter that anyone could have typed and sent anywhere in the world.

This is a letter that I chose to write because I felt it more important to fight for my freedom on peaceful terms rather that placate myself with shallow media and entertainment.

This letter represents how I am choosing to speak, write and act out my disdain for the current state of this country of ours.

This writing makes me think about what I can actually do for the country, the world, my survival and most of all my happiness.

My voice that speaks out disturbs no one at this point. The ticking of the keys is meditative, the whine of the computer fan is somewhat elemental of how archaic computers are and that they generate heat as a waste product, just like a car.

Those with power and influence in the vicinity of our leaders can be on our side, they can be our voice, they are our representatives. And it theses people we elect to do this job.

My message to all is to just write and get it out there. Most of all send it to your representative who YOU VOTED FOR. Hold them accountable. They hold you accountable for exercising you right to vote.

That representative may or may not actually read your letter, but his or her representative will, and they will document your response and your name will appear in a list supporting a particular bill, or act and this bill will be seen but our leadership, and his representatives and the representatives of the democratic process. What a long winding road for on name to travel upon.

So every time we get on our two wheeled horses and pedal, each stroke is a key stroke, a pen stroke and our road is our paper, our internet, linking us with everyone. We are the representatives, so lets act the part and do our jobs.

Critical mass…This coming Friday at 6:30. starts at the courthouse.


Anonymous said...

Well said!