Thursday, August 23, 2007

City Council Approves Bicycle-Friendly Steps

Issue #20.34 :: 08/22/2007 - 08/28/2007
City Council Approves Bicycle-Friendly Steps

Local Cyclist Wins Over Council with Presentation


It’s all about bicycling for Columbia resident Natalie Britt. “I bike everywhere just about,” says Britt, who lives in the in-town Shandon neighborhood.

Spry and sprightly, Britt knows how to give a presentation as well: not too short, not too long; just right.

Britt gave precisely such a narrative, on how to make Columbia more bicycle friendly, to City Council on Aug. 15. “We’d really like to start to advertise a bike rack design contest,” Britt told the council. She is co-chair of a committee the elected body created to try to foster greater affability in Columbia toward the two-wheeled set. Progress on that front would yield health, economic, environmental and other benefits, Britt said. read more here


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Sorry its not huntsville!