Friday, August 10, 2007

Next Project

Looks like we are getting a rack at Star!!! Thanks for you help.

I have already started at Garden Cove as our next project. email:

However I was thinking about this:
I have contacted house of brews a couple of times and they dont own the land etc...

The square downtown ( 4 corners ) are open for 4 bike racks on each corner.

I propose that we:

1: find out who to contact
2: write a letter to mayor, council people etc...
3: petition
4: invite mayor and council people for a bike ride put them on a tandem or something not to kill them:)

We could call it the "Get out and ride Loretta"

lets discuss
Jim G.


Nolen said...

I have emailed, this week, the HSV Museum of Art for a bike rack (they will
vote on it next meeting, and seemed genuinely please with the idea), & the
city asking for one or 2 at Big Springs Park, which would be especially
useful during events like Monday's bands & the free movies, and they do have
that bike sculpture.... One near the new bagel shop at Big Springs would be
nice too, since I often stop there. Maybe Harrison Brother's would add
one...maybe the Kaffeklatsch, I've ridden down there too... Oh, and Mullins-
we have our Sunday breakfast rides there...

Bello Velo said...

Below is from Garden Cove

I just received your email yesterday and have forwarded this info to the
owners. Please give us some time to respond to this. I has only been 24
hours since we received your request and I will get back with you as soon as
Thank you for your patience.

Matt B. said...

I actually know a few people high up downtown and in the parks and rec, department. I will call on monday to see what I can do