Monday, August 13, 2007

Alley cat and bike polo results

The winner of the alley Cat was Bill Battle

In second was Tyler brown

Both gave back their winnings which was a great gesture that this town was starving for some bike culture and the gratitude for which it now exists.

Bike polo:

Anyone interested in doing polo lets exchange emails and phonies so we can play a couple times a month.

The winners of that were the team which consisted of: Matt Blevins, Gabe Bradley and Vic (don't know last name)

The other team, Jim Garvin, Jim Spagnola and Tyler Brown Lost mainly because the blindfolds they were wearing and the hands that tied behind their backs.

In other news,Matt Blevins will be "beat in" to Bello Velo by doing the next Alley Cat. He has plans to make a "college run" so it looks like it will be a doosey.
He will be posting when the time comes near.

Critical Mass Is on Friday the 31st


Anonymous said...

man...i don't know about this matt guy. he smells of sulphur, wears sandals, curses in every sentence and cheats at bike polo! put him in charge!!

Bello Velo said...

have you been drinking again? :)

bill said...

I don't imagine there will be many hills in Matt's route if he has to preview it with that 52-15 gearing.

Matt B. said...

I have no clue about the blind folds and hand tying, but I played with my feet which Jim and Jim tried to pummel with clubs, with little success I might ad