Sunday, August 5, 2007

star market

Went by to pick up some things at star market here in 5 points. Had to really work at finding a place to lock my bike up there. I asked one of the employees if they " star" had considered putting in a bike rack for people like myself who do not want to drive. He kind of smiled and said it was not high on their priority list but building a bigger parking lot was. I asked him if he knew that a lot of cyclists shopped there and what about them......

So I think we should let them hear our voice and try to get them to see it our way. We will be starting an online petition to get star to see it our way. We will be putting up info early this week so stay tuned and feel free to add your opinion.


Bill said...

I'd just chain the bike to the post there at the entrance or maybe to the frame that holds the firewood out front. A bike rack out front would just be something else for the little purple-haired ladies in Buicks to hit.