Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For the second year in a row, the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign kicked off National Bike Month on May 5th with distinguished speakers at a one-time event. Speakers from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the Mayor's Office, Atlanta Bicycle Campaign, and the local community highlighted the importance of "Sharing the Road" to the future of a cleaner and greener Atlanta.

Unveiled at this event was the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign's "I'm on that Bike" program, which promotes safe road travel for all users and will stimulate connection between car drivers and cyclists. "It becomes easy," said Atlanta Bicycle Campaign's Rebecca Serna, "to forget that cyclists are also mothers, teachers, office workers, or students." The ads will focus on driver caution around cyclists.

One wonders how this will be here in Mayberry

Each May, National Bike Month focuses attention on this clean, green alternative transit and is highlighted by Bike to Work Week from May 12 to 16 and the National Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 16. In concert with these special events is the ongoing, national Share the Road initiative that advocates awareness of traffic laws, cyclists as lawful road users, and the need for motorized vehicles to do as the slogan suggests.


Raleigh Lowbrow said...

I like this. Can we do it with spray paint?