Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Woman sues Portland police officers over bike light arrest


The Oregonian reported Monday night that a 57 year-old St. Johns woman is suing two Portland police officers in U.S. District Court for an incident six years ago that began because she was riding her bike without lights.

Here’s more from The Oregonian:
…saying they violated her civil rights. Freedom Child, a St. Johns resident, said she is making it a federal case because the city failed to investigate when she filed a complaint about her treatment in 2003.

Police say Child ignored their requests to stop after they saw her riding in the street without lights. They say when she ran to a house, they chased her down and took her into custody on her porch using reasonable force. read more here at bike portland.org


Tyler said...

I like that her name is Freedom Child

Bello Velo said...

I like she is making it a federal case!!!! Nice name too.

David said...

The Portland Police are notorious for using excessive and unreasonable force. Come on, riding a bike without a light? Okay, give her a ticket. Better yet? Leave her the F*** alone and go fight some real criminals. The Portland Police are a bunch of bullies and our city should be ashamed of its law enforcement. My only surprise is that they didn't shoot her...

I hope she takes this to the jury box and is awarded a million dollars.