Monday, March 23, 2009

JOX Update

Hey Travis,
I am writing you in regards to the WJOX debacle. The fella who made the comments during the segment of the show is a friend of mine. We competed in sports back in the day and I spoke to him this morning at length. He understands fully that his comment, even in jest, was inappropriate. We are looking for a positive from a negative. Many cyclists have contacted the store and the sponsors, unfortunately, several have been threatening and vulgar. LT and WJOX want to help cycling in Birmingham with some Public Service Announcements. I am putting them in touch with Tom Maxwell and the regional planning commission to team up to support and local cycling cause. I will keep you posted on our progress. LT is a quality person that said something stupid. We have an opportunity to educate him and the WJOX listeners of our perspective and needs as riders. I, personally, am in favor of getting something positive out of this without a "pound of flesh" attitude. WJOX has heard the message loud and clear. Please post this for me on your site. Thank you! Joe Wenning Bike Link.

When will our city start addressing this attitude here? tick tock, tick tock