Sunday, September 16, 2007

still need your help part two with links

we have set a goal of having 100 riders in attendance for the next critical mass ride this month. please email mail us here if you are willing to help out with:

any other ideas or good ideas put in the comments.
email us at to help out remember this is your ride.


Anonymous said...

looks cool, i like it!

I will be back on the bandwagon soon after i settle in from vacation.

Knoxville is a good biking town

Asheville is not.

Thats where we went, and huntsville is actually my favorite of the two.

Huntsville=100 points of bike friendliness

Asheville scored 80

Knoxville scored 99.90


Bello Velo said...

Thanks Dustin and Todd for showing up.
enjoy the movie and see ya thurs.