Monday, October 29, 2007

fixed gear theft in Huntsville

Make sure you have a lock and use it if you ride fixed gear, even though that's a good idea for all bikes. I'm probably going to start doing that more even though I like to think my saddle and deep bullhorns deter thieves. Mack had his relatively newly acquired fixed gear stolen, and Jim had his stolen when he hadn't had it for long. These were pretty nice bikes but not new bike shop ones.

So if you see that red Peugeot that used to be Jim Lovell's, maybe sprint up behind the rider, knock it off, stomp on it, and take the bike. Or call the police or Mack or something. It's a 27" frame with a flip flop rear wheel and an iffy lockring. There are drop handlebars and 2 brake levers with only the front connected to a Mafac racer when it was stolen. It's something like 52-16 gearing and has toe clips/cages/whatever and was stolen tonight.


inc123 said...

Both are terrible losses. My condolences.

Recently I read to let some of the air out of your tires when you park it with valves left open & loosen the thingies (newbie-girl term) so it makes it hard to ride off & perhaps wheels will come off too.

clintpatty said...

Re: Tyler
It was stolen downtown, I think near Mason's pub.

Re: inc123
I usually just use a lock. When I get a touring bike, I'm buying one of those Kryptonite NYFU locks. If they get through that, they had a van or truck to put it in anyway.