Monday, October 22, 2007

hell o ween alley cat results

The results are in and what a race it was. We had a sprint finish which was won by a nose.

  1. mac
  2. robert
  3. dustin (i hate you) hoover
  4. tyler (666) brown
  5. jim (flatted)
  6. tommy
  7. gabe
  8. tonya
  9. victor
  10. todd
  11. stewart ( he looked good though)
  12. bob ( the baby jesus) malone
  13. fred


Tyler said...

best alley cat ever sucks for anyone who missed out

Anonymous said...

Wow, Thats a good turnout! So, Mack won ? Thats even more spectacular...looks like Bill did not make it :(

Well Im glad everyone had fun!

-jim spag

clintpatty said...

Nice. I didn't realize that Mack was just taking it easy on me when we rode to UAH the other day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great turnout. Sorry I missed it. Congrats, Mac. You'll have to defend your title in the November alleycat.

November 11. 3 pm. Starting at Trailhead.

Think about swings and slides and bicycle rides.

Jim wants to challenge the roadies. I say bring them on but they'll need to race against ALL the fixers.


Anonymous said...

Yeeessssss (evil tone) I will unveil my secret weapon on this ride....the falcon shall sink its talons into the sccc roadies testosterone filled heads! The blood of many shall be spilled achieving my goal of staining my gum walled tires red with the essence of weaklings!!!!!!

-jim "the brain and spleen eater" spagnola