Sunday, October 14, 2007

online co-op planning discussion

Guys and gals,

As you know I am looking to build a bike co-op much like those in other big cities. What I am looking for is what will work for everyone else and who will use it.

My contribution to the project would be to provide tools and take my bike shop/co-op expertise to the place along with a slew of used bike parts as well as conservative use of a great van. The place will also function as a hub for education, as well as a satellite for lifecycles.

I do not want this to become job number 4 for me and I want everyone else who is willing to contribute to have just as large of a slice of pie as anyone else in the co op.

Lets start a discussion about this because I am at the end of my rope with ideas for it on my part, after all it is a co-op.

please lets open up a dialogue and get this bitch started!

PS, I did find the perfect space off of Bob Wallace, it's around 600.00 a month, which is about twice what I want to spend..but this place is peeeerrrrrrfect!

jim spaggy


clintpatty said...

Jaime found a more perfect place, but probably not for a co-op with all hours access. It would work for Life Cycles. It would be an apartment or 2 the projects at no cost. Now to get back to writing papers to help get moneez to go with it.