Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Velib: bicycle + freedom on city streets

Velib: bicycle + freedom on city streets: "Velib: bicycle + freedom on city streets The French capital has been enjoying the success of the Vélib’ adventure since summer 2007, and the urban rent-a-bicycle-for-next-to-nothing fever has caught the rest of Europe

(Photo: Ruipereira/ Flickr)
An invasion. A flood. On 15 July 2007, more than ten million bicycles were installed in 750 bike stations all over Paris, arousing the curiosity and finally the enthusiasm of the capital's citizens. A month after the scheme was launched, the millionth cyclist customer was celebrated.

The Socialist mayor and his cronies are delighted at their unexpected success. The small public transport revolution owes much to the concept of Vélib’ - an abbreviation of 'vélo' (bike) und 'liberté' (freedom). Renting a bike costs next to nothing, with a symbolic fee of one euro for a day's subscription, five euros for seven days or 29 euros for a year."