Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bike Commuting Encouraged

"Bike Commuting Encouraged October 31st, 2007 @ 9:42am by Jayme West/KTAR `
`Carpool Wednesday' in the Valley. But if you're in a car full of people stuck in traffic, you might look with envy at commuters on two-wheelers.

One of those is Jeff Zimmerman, who traded four wheels for two a long time ago and now bikes the 17 miles from his Tempe home to his Scottsdale office.

`Ninety percent of the trip is on the greenbelt, on the Indian Bend Wash and McCormick Ranch greenbelt,' said Zimmerman. ``It's just heavenly, the greatest ride you could possibly imagine.'

Zimmerman said he was inspired by a near-death experience -- ``having cancer that had about a two percent survival rate.'

Not only is Zimmerman riding a bike for his health, but also to save money and help the environment -- `one less car on the road.'

He has a group of guys who bike with him. ``

It's a great time for talking, and we race a little bit,' he said. If you think it would take too long to bike to work, Zimmerman said think again. ``You could actually probably get on your bike and get to work in less time, or at least the same time, as it would to drive your car.' He sees a lot of people biking, on all types of bikes. ``It's great to be on the trail and see people of all shapes, all sizes, all abilities. If I can do"