Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pedal Power How-To

Keep hearing how "HIGH TECH" it is here and there are more engineers than blah... blah... blah... wouldn't it be nice if they took a day off from making bombs and made something useful?

Bike Hugger · Pedal Power How-To:
From the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, at Humbold University, check the Pedal Power How-to, guides, articles, and examples. Like this pedal-powered washing machine.

Also see the the commercial HPG and HPT (human power generation and trainer) from Windsteam technologies for all sorts of uses.


Anonymous said...

they make bombs here? is that the boom I hear at breakfast?

Anonymous said...

Of course they make bombs! In fact we make so many bombs we were once on the target sites for a nuclear warhead to reign down on us!

now we just have a nu-clear disposal plant in anniston run by redneks on crystal meth.

Im so glad the cold war is over!

Anonymous said...

well business is good, no signs of a recession here, since war is the only economy here. enjoy a plasma TV. it not the rednecks it's these sellout engineers.