Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vintage Ride postponed

If you were actually wanting to go on a recreational ride in this weather, nobody else was :-P The vintage/cruiser ride scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed.


Tyler said...

don't worry guys/gals i kept the vintage style alive i made my regular ride to Kroger on my 1960s Schwinn Hollywood much less efficient then my fixed gear and I faced the threat of rain and storm which soaked me on the way back but the ride was even more fun than normal because I couldn't help but mash my beach cruiser out like a fixed gear

clintpatty said...

I tried to get groceries today on my fixed gear but changed my mind after I wrecked.

Anonymous said...

clint oh clint...whenst are thou going to learn some finesse?


clintpatty said...

re: Jim

What's worse is I've had pretty much the same wreck before on my fixed gear, only it wasn't as severe then. Turning right into a parking lot on wet pavement that is slick but not rainy enough to wash the oil and such off. I thought since I bought the 'all condition' Armadillo tires that I would be fine taking that turn at that speed, but it was too much steering for the slick parking lot pavement. I guess the car residue from Black Friday contributed to the slickness. I guess I looked like a n00b with dual tail lights, head light, most sturdy helmet, reflective vest, reflective gloves that I was using to signal my right turn, and brake on my fixed gear that I was using with my other hand, then being seen and not run over by cars isn't of so much concern to me because I make myself wreck.

I wouldn't have had the wreck if my Trek wasn't at Trailhead getting a tune up. It's my bike of choice for the rain, and it can be counter steered unlike the fixed gear. I've never wrecked the Trek in the rain. At least I didn't take the Specialized for that trip. The wreck scuffed the axle just a bit but didn't even mess up the threads. Nothing is wrong with the bike, but it surely would have messed up a dérailleur or hanger.