Monday, December 24, 2007


Story from James Kuntsler

Two things happened to me over this weekend before Christmas that jarred me a little. One was when an old friend said I sounded crazy, and the second was when I read the galley proof of Dmitry Orlov's forthcoming book, Reinventing Collapse (New Society Press, Spring 2008). read more here


Tyler said...

Santa came down my chimney last night then i caught that no good mother fucker trying to steal my fixed gear so I ran his sorry thieving ass of with a 12 gauge

clintpatty said...

when actually he was taking it back out to switch all the components and stuff to an Alien frame and bring it back down for you

Tyler said...

yeah that would be cool but when I get my alien frame I am going all black on every component very simple very sleek and I let the bianchi remain as my flashy brightly colored bike for those days that I am to depressed to ride my gothic black bike

Anonymous said...

pt 1:
if you sounds crazy to your friends- either you are or they are. maybe the anger energy no longer becomes you. time to re-assess.

pt 2:
oh silly boys there you go again. Santa was brining you toys not playing with yours. BTW: goths are sooo passe'

Anonymous said...

1: anger is good for you.

2: goth is never passé