Thursday, December 20, 2007

you think a polo lane is high viz?

How about the middle of The Parkway?

Okay marshmallows and sheepmolesters, There is a place on the parkway we need to play polo/hang out and be manly or girly with our bikes.

The old north end of the parkway has a 200' stretch of fairly decent pavement that is 2 lanes wide with ditches or barricades on either side. Lets seriously try to play polo before x-mas on this pavement.

So if you are interested post a comment and lets do it, if not go back to surfing the internet for advanced games of sudoku.

lets try to get together.please, i beg you. i will pay you to play. God i love the game. If polo was a body organ, I'd exchange it for my beating heart.

jock strap jimba


Anonymous said...

Gee gosh golly that is an awesome idea, worthy of a Nobel prize!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, like that is totally a bitchin idea, totally, like knarly!

california bob

Anonymous said...

Heeeeey dudes, yeeeahh like lets do it. Hopefully later in the day because I plan to get really stoned in the morning as usual and pass out to MASH.


Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,

It will probably be during the daylight because there are no lights out there. Nice to see that you have an interest in something besides bongs and bud.


Anonymous said...

That is such a great Idea! Go Jimba, you are so freaking brilliant, and sexy too. You have the best bikes and the greatest hair. Me and my eight horny teenage biker punks want to have an orgie with you. i can do things with drop bars you only dream about. and my friends, man they can give the best blow job to a 700c presta inner tube.

call us, we are at your mercy. We will come to bike polo and have sex with everyone because polo is gets us off.

T33n Grrrl Squad

Anonymous said...

Hey Grrrls,

I'm married to Ashley, but we are into group sex. We would love to have sex with each other while watching you screw the shit out of your bikes. We would also like to watch you have sex with all the rest of the cats in Bello as well. We like sex, but not more than bike polo of course.


Anonymous said...

You gotta be real careful when having sex with bikes, especially in the rain. I wrecked last time i tries that, but I used my lock ring pliers on myself and straightened the mess out. I think they need to put in a "bike sex" lane for people like the Grrl squad. Just make sure your wearing nothing but those big reflective triangles when you use the lane..for sex that is.


Anonymous said...

Fuck, fuck you, fucks, fuckiddy fuck fuck and shit. what the fuck fuckers. why the fuck did the fucktastic four fuck the fuck outa some fuckers fuckadoodledoos. I mean fuck you know, it's like fucks are always fucking and shit. I wish fuckers would stop being such fuckios.


angstly fixed gear rider #5

Anonymous said...


Looks like we have a team!


See you this weekend!


inc123 said...

Is fucking polo the same as girl powder puff polo?

inc123 said...

You sexy (sexless) dudes, duds, & dudettes need to post polo games free on the HSV Times,, and HSV's, Valley Planet et al, to increase numbers & interest in both polo (a Ralph Lauren trademark) and Bello Velo.

Anonymous said...

I spose I could post the stuff to the sites you emailed me. I was bored last night and just though I would have a nice conversation with myself and my multiple personalities.

jim, I mean gary, I mean bob, i mean T33n Grrl Squad, I mean Klint. Confusing day for poor me..the only medicine would polo.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a bad idea. It is not legal for cars to drive in that area, and bicycles are subject to the same laws. We should ride predictably and obey all traffic laws.