Monday, January 28, 2008

more motorist trash

Black Chrysler Crossfire; had a temporary tag or something similar looking tonight. It was pulling out of a neighborhood west off Old Monrovia near University. The driver intentionally pulled out partially into my lane and stayed there until he got passed me, trying to get close to me but not hit me. Please be looking for this. I am busy tomorrow, but I may go there Thursday and spend some time to see if this person lives there or frequents the neighborhood.

I am too tolerant of bullshit. I should have at least hit the windshield and yelled. Or not slowed and scraped the car. I guess that's a good thing about having bullhorns with no bar ends, but I was riding the Trek today. My u lock is not easily accessible from panniers, but if shit like this becomes more common, I'll be keeping it around my neck when riding the Trek. $1 says he doesn't turn around when I bust out a window.


Bello Velo said...

I feel your anger clint. funny I keep reading people saying those cyclist they are always running stop signs blah blah blah you know the line.

Does this give people the right to try and kill you? What about all the drivers on their cell phones, with their over processed dyed hair. Should they be run over? How about the mother with her soccer mom sticker and screaming brats in the car watching DVD's and stuffing their faces with Mc Donalds? Should they be run over ?

Speeders I see a lot more of them, than cyclists breaking the law. kill em?

Face it people love their cars and all their crap more than other humans and do not want us on their roads. I see the tension only growing and getting worse before it gets better.

I hate to say it but until you have leadership ( mayor) who makes it important and educates motorist the problem will not get better. She has built a dog park, a skate park etc etc what has she done for you or me? still no bike racks downtown.

Tyler said...

November Jim, November we will do our best to elect that old bitch out of office two times I have voted against her and lost but this time we might do it.....

clintpatty said...

The cyclists running stop signs and the drivers on cell phones may be considered bullshit by some people, but it's not intentional calculated bullshit. And the cyclist is paying a lot more attention with a less dangerous vehicle. Even for the calculated bullshit I wouldn't actually shoot someone. But I like to talk about it because it's the same sort of deadly weapon, only it's not taken for granted around here like a car is.

I'll probably still continue to obey the traffic laws and try to get along with motorists even if things get worse. I won't treat them all as 'those motorists'. But I might need to start educating people on their misconceptions of power. Driving a deadly weapon is not a game.

Bello Velo said...

I agree with you, to me it is like this: If you come to my house and wave a gun around and threaten me. I will try to defend myself. If you drive a 5000 lb car or truck and threaten me with it well I will try to defend myself.

I think maybe the don't say anything crowd and ignore them maybe wrong and this is why. by not speaking out you are condoning it. That being said you know the risks and pick your battles carefully.

fight fight fight said...

Tolerant? not a bad trait. But reporting a driver's aggressive hostility and purposeful endangering a cyclists- worth more than my Mastercard. Start with a lience tag number (when possible) then call non-emergency number at police- before their is a 911 emergency.

rethinker said...

The mayor has been cycling friendly TTBOMK. Ask what the various clubs have done to advocate cycling safety in regard to motorists. Then just who is the bitch?

And ask what can we do better in out own advocacy efforts? Is CM the way to go? Hate makes nice? Not so sure.