Thursday, January 3, 2008

Police: Boy jumped off bike before it was struck by SUV

By David Lazenby
The Cullman Times
State Troopers say injuries sustained by a 6-year-old Cullman County boy were caused when he lost control of his bike during an attempt to avoid the vehicle that struck it.

Bicyclist Isaac Ludwig turned onto County Road 496 from County Road 498 when the accident occurred. He was transported to an area hospital Monday at the insistence of Cullman Police Capt. Hughel Sanford, the driver of the Chevrolet Blazer that ran over Isaac’s bike.

The extent of Isaac’s injuries were not known at press time. read more here


clintpatty said...

good reason for bikes to obey traffic laws

Tyler said...

laid the bike over to slid and stop this kid sounds like he knows what he is doing but county road whatever dosn't sound like a place I would want to ride my bike but hey it sounds like he handled well and I hope is going to be ok but it sounds like only minor injuries