Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stearns Thursday

This is copied from Nolen. It should be a cool movie. This guy's handlebars are more aero than my bullhorns.

Stearn's Coffee has graciously agreed to show The Flying Scotsman (DVD) Thursday night, at 6:30ish pm. Stearn's Coffee is off Longwood & Whitesburg (southeast corner), more or less behind Steak Out & next door to Magnolia chocolate shop.

* FREE. (But please buy something so we can do this again. I love their Dirty Chai!)
* Seating is limited. If you let me know you & yours are definitely coming, then I can cue them in, in advance, on seating & we'll do the best we can (even if we have to tell you to bring your own chair or pillow...).
* Movie in the back room.

Here is the official link & a trailer:


liz said...

Augh, wish I could be there! It's a pretty hardcore commute from mpls to hsv for a movie, though. drink some coffee for me, y'all! And don't forget to register for Stuporbowl... :)

Tyler said...

Liz are you serious about a place to stay it sounds exciting I love riding in cold weather everyone here complains when it's 40 degrees sub-freezing alley cat sounds great

liz said...

Yup, anyone's free to crash in my livingroom, though the wood floor might be uncomfortable. The offer stands, though! I could probably hook you guys up with other Minneapolis bike people with more comfy couches, too.

Stuporbowl's gonna rock. I'm already training my liver :)

Tyler said...

Cool well I will work out the logistics and see how practical or possible it would be the drive is 16 hours so it might be a stretch and require some arm twisting