Thursday, February 7, 2008

Anonymous Versus Scientology


A group of vigilantes--calling themselves Anonymous, or Anon--are escalating their attacks against the Church of Scientology in what they consider to be Internet censorship by issuing new video challenges. In one video posted to YouTube, Anonymous addresses the many news organizations covering the war, stating that the group has been watching. While the individuals behind the effort generally support the coverage, they also severely fault the media.

"We find it interesting that you did not mention the other objections in your news reporting. The stifling and punishment of dissent within the totalitarian organization of Scientology. The numerous, alleged human rights violations. Such as the treatment and events that led to the deaths of victims of the cult such as Lisa McPherson.

This Cult is Nothing but a psychotically driven pyramid scheme.

Why are you, the news media, afraid of discussing these matters? It is your duty to report on these matters.You are failing in your duty."

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Anonymous said...

This hacker gang - with their attacks, their threats, and their obnoxious insistence that they are right and everyone else is wrong - are essentially terrorists no better than Al Qaida. Please don't support terrorists.

Anonymous said...

be real willie! no where near the scale of Al Qaida or do you not believe they were responsible for 9-11? maybe Bush was? or Cheney? or Disney? All wrongs are not all equal. Sure they shouldn't run with scissors but fact is, Scientology is a dangerous cult. It was scientology who misrepresented Prozac and responsible for those suicides & suffering- people who could have been helped. They were very convincing & made it look like responsible sources were anti-Prozac but denying anti-depressant to those who with a medical need is and was a PROFIT center for scientologists. Torture of the soul. Miseducation of our people. closing minds of Americans. And they took money & profited. NO they aren't Al Qiada but eating souls ain't much better than blowing them up. War is hell folks.

Bello Velo said...

Not as dangerous as:
Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Millions Killed
Billions kept stupid

Too bad people are not as skeptical of those religions as they are with scientology.