Thursday, February 28, 2008

Critical Mass and Leap Year Friday

Critical Mass Ride This Friday Night

Leaving @ 6:30 pm SE Corner of The Courthouse Downtown.

We are leaving at 6:30pm sharp getting on the rode at 7pm kind of defeats the pupose.

Starting in March we will be leaving at 6pm

It is also a leap year and lands on the last friday this month and will not happen again till?

BTW: Oil is over 102 dollars a barrel.

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Bello Velo said...


Tyler said...

50 percent so there is a 100 percent chance I'll be there if nothing elses we can make it a short ride and dry up by drinking a few beers

Bello Velo said...

its not looking good.

Tyler said...

I saw Spagnola he rode his bike to the bank in this shit he said he would be there that should be motivation for all of us to come and show up even if we don't ride for long

clintpatty said...

Looks like fenders but maybe not a rain jacket will be warranted. I'll be at Food Not Bombs on Wells with the trailer if yall are by that way after the ride.