Sunday, February 24, 2008

ride today

Vintage and Cruiser Bike Ride –

* Sunday, February 24
* 2:30pm
* Huntsville Middle School on Adams Street between the back of the Woman's & Children's hospital and intersection at Lowe.
* Conversationally, fun slow pace, appropriate for heavy bikes, newbies, slowbies, tandems... all types of bikes welcome regardless of age or tire width.
* Children do need to be street safe though. Feel free to bring a friend or neighbor. Everyone’s welcome!

Cruise the downtown area / park/ historic areas or some combo for a hour or so with a coffee shop (note Stearns is closed today, so prolly Olde Towne) option (sorry, still too cold for malts).


Tyler said...

I'll stop by on the tall bike it's not vintage but it is what I am riding today