Monday, March 10, 2008

Add Alleycat Races to List of Bike Messengers’ Risks

From the NY Times

Bike messengers believe that their profession is one of the most grueling and perilous that any person can pursue — especially in Manhattan.

So perhaps it should come as little surprise that messengers were the ones to pioneer a breed of unsanctioned urban contest in which bicyclists race one another while also weaving at top speed through streets crowded with cars, trucks, buses and all the other objects and obstructions typically found on city roadways.

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clintpatty said...

Don't forget the danger of motorists throwing things at you.

bicycylebandit said...

I think motorist only throw things at florescent brightly colored moving targets

Tyler said...

excellent article alley cats are the best I know I told everyone there would be one yesterday but the condition of the weather over the past two weeks has left me with no motivation but I promise there will be one before the end of this month