Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bicycle Rider Killed in Hit and Run Accident

Officers searching for driver responsible

ALAMO TX - Police are searching for a man responsible for a deadly hit and run accident in Alamo.

A man riding his bike was killed just before 7 a.m. It happened near the expressway's westbound frontage road near the Val Verde exit.

An instructor from Action Career Training truck driving school says he heard the accident and called 911. Arturo "Cowboy" Rodriguez says, "The guy in the bicycle had a little helmet and jacket with reflectors, so you could see him in the dark. And the guy just didn't slow down, just hit him and took off."

Police haven't released the victim's name until his family's notified.

Officers say the driver was in a white car. They don't have the car's make or model.


Bello Velo said...

I wonder if rising gas prices and angry american drivers will take their frustration out on cyclists?