Thursday, March 6, 2008


Oil has reached $105 per barrel, check out the full article here. Considering we ship all our goods into the country and our food is shipped from CA or FL. Wal Mart may not be the answer.We maybe giving up more than those Latte's The End of Cheap is coming!

To avoid that deadly outcome, the new president will have to be equipped with a realistic vision of what this society can actually do to survive the discontinuities that circumstances present. This will require him to confront the prevailing delusion that the US can become "energy independent" in the sense that we can run WalMart on something other than oil from foreign lands.


clintpatty said...

I wonder if we'll start using sail boats to ship stuff from China to Wal Mart before we transport locally produced goods with renewable energy.

Bello Velo said...

You have got to wonder. I think it is time cheap be removed from our language and replaced with quality. We have been buying our produce and eggs from a local organic farmer Mountain Fork Farm. It is damn good.

Proud to say I have never been in a costco, sams and I do not shop at wal mart.

If anyone is interested here is their info: