Thursday, March 6, 2008

Moses was stoned when he set Ten Commandments, researcher claims

Maybe now those people can remove some of those signs from their yards.

We all know that Moses was high on Mount Sinai when God spoke to him, but were the Ten Commandments a result of divine inspiration alone?

An Israeli researcher is claiming in a study published this week the prophet may have been stoned when he set the Ten Commandments in stone.

Read more here from the Guardian UK


clintpatty said...

Does that make it any less divine inspiration?

Bello Velo said...

Yes actually it does make it less on both accounts. You don't need this crap to be good. It does nothing but prop up these self righteous, sanctimonious twits.

Educate people ! Teach real science, require proof on and on.

Now if they can only explain the virgin mary's image in the grilled cheese we might be able to move forward.

Or did you mean we should do more hallucinogens to be inspired?

notadumbass said...

regilious feelings are a brain artifact, often occurs near-death, anoxia, brain-injury, drugs, stupidity...

Tyler said...

yeah religion is an attack and an insult to human intelligence and scientific method. Ever since its beginning it has caused more problems than it has solved and resulted in more unnecessary deaths than the number of lives saved through salvation as the religious types like to call it and if Moses was stoned hey so what he is entitled to a good time but let's get real no rational person believes that Apollo caries the sun across the sky every day in a chariot we all accept the fact the earth actually rotates on an axis causing the apparent rise and set of the sun everyday and eventually modern religion will be regarded in the same way we perceive Greek mythology...simply MYTHOLOGY until then I pity anyone who has not gotten with the program