Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drive your bike to work week

Well it is spring and as always it is drive your bike to work week. I have already spotted many "peops" with there trusty clean and shiny bikes strapped to their cars on the way to work. Makes me feel good to see all these bikes attached to their cars.

The next critical mass we should all drive around town in our cars with our bikes.

I also notice this one guy rides his bike a lot from the south side to here has anyone informed this guy that we are living in the 21st century! Get a bike rack man and commute your bike to work.

Monte Sano yesterday was full of trucks, suv's loaded with mountain bikes to take on the dangers of dirt and rock. Way to go guys you get it!!!


clintpatty said...

I saw 3 people commuting on Holmes yesterday. But I guess they're not cool, they forgot the car to go with it.

Bello Velo said...

I saw you coming down randolph riding your bike. Man I don't know about cool but you should really put that on a car.

Tyler said...

or Clint you could get a larger trailer for you bike and put your station wagon on it and commute your car around on the back or your bike

Anonymous said...

I loved the sarcasm in this post. One of the reasons why I started riding trials is because driving up to the woods to rip shit up did bug me a bit. Riding trials is more fun because you get to fuck human shit up...not mother nature shit.

Way to go, loved the post!

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Bello Velo said...