Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Environmentalists hope to see more recycling in Alabama

What's up with this?

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — It's not a flattering picture: Alabamians produce more than twice as much trash each day than the average American, and they recycle or reuse much less of their garbage than in other parts of the country.

That's the statistical assessment of state environmental officials who are joining others in the recycling movement in praising enactment of a new law designed in part to give more Alabamians access to trash recycling programs.

Currently only 81 of Alabama's 460 municipalities, or 17.6 percent, have some sort of recycling program — either curbside pickup or drop off — and only 8.3 percent of solid waste in Alabama is recycled, according to data from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Nationally, 32.5 percent of solid waste was recycled in 2006, according to federal Environmental Protection Agency figures. read more here


clintpatty said...

That's pretty sad that (excluding Huntsville) we're one of the poorest and least educated states but produce the most trash. I guess the US is still pretty rich when the poor people can afford too much food and stuff to throw away. It's too bad that our society would rather direct money towards excess than stuff like sustainable energy and health care.

Bello Velo said...

I would not exclude huntsville from this. I also would not put this on the poor. The poor use far less resources and cause less pollution than their rich counter parts. The people with the SUV's , Mc Mansions, 2.5 kids and there super churches have a much larger footprint.

They also are suppose to know better:)

clintpatty said...

Huntsville is a lot richer and more educated than most of rural Alabama. I wasn't putting the waste off on them. I see plenty of waste in Hampton Cove, and I would see plenty in the Ledges if they weren't so rich that they can't be bothered with seeing poor people.

Bello Velo said...

Richer yes, Not sure they are more educated. How educated is it that so many of them drive big ass trucks SUV's etc.... They also home school or send their kids to private schools to avoid those other people. Point being thats not education. Well trained maybe.

I agree with hampton cove and the ledges. My point being that rural places and in public housing have a far smaller footprint than these jackasses up on the hill. So we should focus on them considering all the laws are tailored to them and not the poor.

Peter said...

i dunno. what's up with this?

Bello Velo said...

I think the government is broke here, they need to stop prayin and start payin!