Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Protests and Strikes Across Europe

Wonder why this is not happening here? Does kissing the man's ass makes us "Pro Freedom"? Enjoy your happy meals!

Fishing strikes set to spread across Europe
PARIS (AFP) — Protests by fishing fleets against soaring fuel costs threatened to spread across Europe, as French fishermen voted Monday to extend their port blockade and Spanish fleets joined the stoppage with several other countries likely to follow. more here

LONDON -- Hundreds of trucks jammed a major route into London Tuesday in a protest at the rising price of fuel.

Around 300 trucks parked on a highway on the edge of the city, forcing police to close a section of road and divert hundreds of motorists during the busy morning rush hour. The truckers were protesting the soaring costs of gas and diesel and calling for Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government to lower fuel taxes for trucking companies. more here