Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alabama Primary Election, Tuesday June 3rd

15 to 20% !!! if this is the case and you don't vote then you deserve to have your guns, trucks, and wal marts taken away from you!!!

From Left In Alabama
Turnout is expected to be very low for this election, like 15% to 20%, and when it's that low, elections can turn on a very small number of votes. That's an even bigger incentive to exercise your right to vote! If you know someone who may not be aware of the election, why not give them a gentle reminder, and it's always a nice gesture to offer a ride to the polls to folks who have transportation issues.


clintpatty said...

I'm voting but not on the court seats. I couldn't find enough information on the people to make a decision. And I may be the only one reading this selecting the Republican primary, but if anyone else is and likes the Fair Tax, check on Ray McKee's views on other issues. I think they're pretty whack, and he'll be voting on those issues. But I probably won't be voting Republican in the fall anyway because it seems like the people I vote for in primaries never get selected because they have too much integrity or something.

Bello Velo said...

I am not sure about this "Fair Tax" thing, it is not likely to ever pass etc.. My question to you Clint is you are in your early 20's I assume and you have probably not paid rent, worked full time very much and so on maybe 4 to 5 years worth. This is not a insult but considering I have paid taxes for quite some time, how is it "Fair" for you to not want to pay your "Fair Share" in taxes and I have to? I hope in time as you get into the work force and in the reality of paying your own way in the world if your ideas will still hold. As I said I am not insulting you I just think these Ideas will not hold up very well in the future for you.

On the other hand as someone who has paid taxes and gotten something for it like: good public schools, public transportation, and a progressive society I can understand why Alabamians do not want to pay there fair share because you don't seem to get much for what you pay here. That is your own fault because you all have voted for the same politicians over time.

Consider reading this below about conservatism I don't expect to convert you but maybe a little balance in your argument instead of the republican script you seem to read from.


Bello Velo said...


clintpatty said...

Most politicians lie. Democrats do too. And ones that don't lie so much don't seem to get selected during the primaries. And what about Republicans who care more about working together with Democrats for the good of Alabama instead of following Bush, like Cavanaugh who is running for PSC?

Bello Velo said...

"Most politicians lie" yes and so do most people. I have read the script Clint, my point is, It is not working. It is a representative government. The politicians represent you and your ideas so no its not all bush's fault, we the greedy people of america are responsible here too and we got what we deserved. Same with Clinton.

I see no change happening as long as we hold on to these two party ideas. We are not a country of ideas we are a one of dogma. Try discussing socialism, communism or the worse of the worse anarchy. Why can we not take the best idea from all of these. No we are too afraid of ideas and thats why we all sound the same here reading the same script on and on.. " If I just work harder everything will be ok" How is that practical? Why am I working so hard for what? So if I work hard I can have more Rick and Bubba's, a bigger house, more land, wal marts, big truck with loud pipes and Garth Brooks pumping out the windows?

No thanks.

Tyler said...

so how is that video editing coming along bellovelo

clintpatty said...

I agree with the first paragraph of that most recent comment to some extent. Bud Cramer's position was one on the ballot today. He is a Democrat. I wrote to him on issues. I checked how he voted on them after they came up, and he voted against what I wanted for each of them. I had to wonder how many Alabamians strongly felt that their Congressman should be involved in professional baseball. That is not representing your constituents very well. Republicans do the same thing. I'm also for moving beyond the 2 party system, but I guess I value the Constitution more than you.

Bello Velo said...

I doubt you do. Wait till life hands you some reality pal. It's a big world out there. Good Luck!!!

Bello Velo said...

I wonder how many Alabamians wondered how they continue to vote for death and destruction of other people in other countries too. Democrat or Republican. It will be interesting to see what happens when we have to change in a real way. Everything here is based on the military what are you all going to do when it not. Fast Food?