Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bike Fixin @ Manna House Tonight

Please come out & help fix bikes-- - at Lifecycles (a hands-up charity) tonight / Sat. at 6:15ish+ for a couple of hours.

It's behind Manna house or the Animal Emergency Clinic (behind form Service Merch & research genetics building)

just off the S/w corner of Governors & the Parkway sort of behind El Palacio

Enter on "creek" side-- look for sign-- some might call it the concrete ditch but actually it is a creek.

as no cars does not equal no people, many ride their bikes there.

feel free to brings goodies, colas, coffee, chips, etc to share, it is greatly appreciated!

no skills need. learn on the job. great practice. co-ed..

fun & sociable, make new friends. bike talk.

You can make the world a better place by volunteering.


clintpatty said...

So Life Cycles has started back? I haven't been back since the 2 week break that I knew about. If it's nice weather and I'm not mowing the yard, I'll be there next Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it never ended, it never has ended. I'm usually there unless i have to be out of town for work, which is random, but rare. Lucas misses you, we all miss you. Just think of all the sugary disgustingness your missing.. There is much less arguing nowadays since Ive scolded the kids. Ironically though I am taking next week off because I will be at lowe mill teaching bike fixin' and doing stuff like that from 12-5.

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