Friday, June 6, 2008

Car culture on the way out

Americans are finally making decisions to get away from cars. Gas use is down for the first time in a while. It's too bad Huntsville transit system isn't very prepared for more riders. Maybe the cost will soon be over $1 with diesel continuing to increase. To their credit, they are planning to replace the 2 backup buses that don't have bike racks on the front, but they haven't yet told me when. I'll try to pass that info along when I know. I used to ride the bus more (even when I had a car), but with those 2 buses possibly being on any route, it's not reliable enough for me.

"This ridership surge points up three things: (1) These millions of new riders can do it. Most of them always could have. They just didn't. (2): We're not at the end of car culture yet . . . that's a few generations off . . . but (3) it's clear, in not-quite-hindsight, that the U.S. car culture does not work."

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