Monday, June 23, 2008

Critical Mass this friday!!!!

Thursday is Art drop off @ Lowe Mill
Friday is Food drop off Plus CM, DJ, Potluck, Fun
Saturday is Artists Market and Bike Fixin @ Lowe Mill

The Critical Mass will end @ Lowe Mill. We will have a group leaving to go back to the city where you started. So you won't have to ride back alone.

Few more things if you have real plates or silverware please bring by. We are trying to not use a bunch of crappy plastic and paper plates. Who wants to eat good food off of this stuff.


John Hubbard said...

I have some bike-related art and would like to know more about the show. Where will it be, who will handle the artwork, will it be for sale or just for show, etc.

Jo said...

The potluck is on Thursday? Or the potluck is on Saturday afternoon? What is on Saturday afternoon and what is Friday evening?

Bello Velo said...

Friday is the Critical Mass ride, then DJ, Potluck, Art Show.

Saturday is bike fixin, rodeo, polo

Sasha said...

Thursday June 26th is the bike art drop off day. We will be downstairs at the Lowe Mill all day afternoon setting up. Friday June 27th is the Critical Mass Ride. The ride begins at the courthouse and will end at Lowe Mill where there will be music, art, and food. Anyone who would like to bring food before the ride is welcome to between 4:00 and 6:00 of that day (Friday) However, riding your bike with your food is a good way of enhancing your transit skills.

Bello Velo said...

To John,
You can sell your art or display it. You can drop off on thursday.

Tyler said...

ooh lots of comments = lots of participants can't wait this is going to be fun

Bello Velo said...

time for a new pic tyler:)

Anonymous said...

To all:

I will be riding with coolers and a trailer for anyone who needs to have things contained, like pies and sloshy foods.

See you at the ride!

Also I still plan to have some kind of bike art there, Ill bing over a few bikes tomorrow can anyone help me?

call me if you can, for I have once again lost everyone's number.

Anonymous said...

still not sure how this works.

Thurs- drop off art.

fri-- CM & bring food (wiht you???) end up at Lowe mIll for art & fun?

sat - bike fixin

polo is sat or sunday?

inc123 said...

what kind of helpdo you need?

just call.

beardsarefun said...

I am dropping off art thursday. i hope to borrow a friends truck for the task. if anyone else needs a truck, let me know and maybe we can squeeze you in. i hope we get 60+ people!

Tyler said...

how is this picture do it work for you Bello Velo

Bello Velo said...

Tyler much nicer pic:)

Jim I can give you a hand later today.

Thursday = Today is Art drop off.

Friday CM, DJ, Food Fun and polo demo you can drop food off before the ride.

Saturday is Bike fixin

Anonymous said...

Saturday is a bike fixing and commuting forum with none other than some of your beloved bike enthusiasts. I will be setting up shop outside with my van. Some of the Life Cycles customers will be getting repairs done and learning how to commute. I would love if someone hung out with me and helped with TEACHING repairs and the howto's of safe and friendly coexistence with motorists.

Look for my new article in the Valley Planet, it's about how important commuting by bike is to ducks, frogs and disabled folks. Saturday I will be answering questions on the subject as well since I have a good and well rounded approach to commuting as well as my training from my own experiences, Alabike and other national seminars on the subject.I would love for others to share their experience with those who fear the streets.

Life cycles is canceled Saturday night by the way in lieu of the 12-5 classes and such.

Bikes are up, yay!

thanks to all that helped!


clintpatty said...

This was a cool event. And a lot more of a bicycle culture feel than Critical Mass. Thanks for having it. It was good seeing everyone that I haven't in a while.

clintpatty said...

What is up with yall? I don't see the insult in my comment, and one wasn't intended. I said I enjoyed the event, and I meant it. To me bicycle culture includes a lot of stuff, such as racing, commuting, advocacy, homeless/poor people, mountain biking, art, etc. I thought that the post-ride stuff last night gave a more holistic view of bicycle culture in Huntsville than the previous Critical Masses I have been to. The comment was meant as positive.

Anonymous said...

You are very negative. Why not just say it was all good? Period......

Anonymous said...

I participated in Critical Mass last night for the first time, and I must say that it was a WONDERFUL experience. We have lived in Huntsville for 9 years and never knew there was a community like this so willing to let you be yourself. I really felt like I was a part of something very real in a town that does not appear to be very bicycle friendly. I don't know if anyone did a head count, but I estimate that we were 75 - 80 cyclists strong. I came home last night feeling rather energized. Let's keep this going!!!

Bello Velo said...

Thanks, well said!!!!

Anonymous said...

A) Clint is totally cool. He meant nothing negative in his comment. Y'all are acting like SCCC with the negativism & personal attacks, is that what you you want? Plus face it, Clint is cute.

B) Critical Mass rocks. Definitely a celebration of cycling!

C) All events last night were awesome. Loved the CM ride. 70+ people & then babies & pups. All kinds of people, all kinds of bikes. Just ad it should be. And problem-free to boot.

Pot luck was delicious & loads of fun. The consensus was let's keep doing some after the ride events or dinner or potlucks.

Art show/sell etc awesome talent. creativity.

DJ & band were great. Loved Lowe Mill. Loves the video in he background...

The whole evening was absolutely fantastic. I saw friends from 15 months to late 60s (maybe). People enjoyed seeing each other, meeting people, trying new things: I saw a lot of people trying out the tall bikes, fixies, sidecar bike, bobtail trailer,etc. a true co-mingling of bike cultures. Excellent evening. Best ever. Hats/helmets off to you & all who pulled this off. THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Amen Bikelover,

I think Clint was misunderstood and did not deserve being attacked like this. I didn't perceive anything he said as an insult or negative. Perhaps this event WAS better than previous CMs. It just means that things can only get better and what's wrong with that?

We've got a good thing here with Critical Mass. No need to sour a great experience with name calling.

my 2 cents.

Bello Velo said...

Sorry clint we were just kidding.

Tyler said...

hey i loved it as always i meet lots of new people and even two here from out of state which I am proud to give people unfamiliar with huntsville they kind of experience they had so when they return to there home towns they will tell people in other places how great everything was and both of these people from out of state where impressed with the results of our hard work and participation I meet at least one new person every critical mass and i strongly encourage others to do so it is very nice to meet new people with similar love for cycling who you would never have meet if you simply saw them at the bank or grocery store it was a success thanks for all the 1st timers and everyone else see you in a month can't wait