Thursday, June 5, 2008


From the Guardian

Charities using naked opportunism
The email from the Community Channel could not have been less subtle. They were keen to promote a "hot new programme" about the World Naked Bike Ride UK -"a day on which you can get your kit off to highlight global warming, and not get arrested!" This taboo-testing event comes hot on the heels of model and TV presenter Nell McAndrew's topless run to promote Cancer Research UK, and a sackful of charities and pressure groups offering their hilarious nude calendars. Am I the only one suffering naked compassion fatigue? read more here


Tyler said...

could they not have found an attractive young girl to use for the picture

fairisfair said...

no,no Tyler. What they needed was an attractive man. That one is too much like real life.

and CM needs a naked man postcard this month not some naked female, you sexists piggies.

Hope you got enough sleep, early bird.

Anonymous said...

well fairisfair. make your own flyer with whatever you like. Sexist come on.....Try to shake of your puritanical, repressed views to beauty and art and create something that appeals to you.

Pulpits are so 2007