Monday, June 16, 2008

Trading his SUV for a bicycle in Cullman Al.

From The Cullman Times

With gas prices soaring, Buchanan Jackson has decided to trade in his Ford Explorer for a bicycle.

But, there’s just one problem: He has nowhere to park his bike.

“I’ve noticed that Cullman isn’t really bike friendly,” said Jackson, project coordinator at the Cullman County Economic Development Office.

Jackson said after riding his bike around town he’s noticed first-hand Cullman’s lack of bicycle parking options.

“We really do need some bike racks,” he said.

Cullman City Planner Jim Fisher said there are preliminary plans underway to make Cullman more “bicycle and pedestrian friendly.”

“We’re hoping to cure that (the lack of bicycle racks) once the streetscaping is finished,” Fisher said. “We’re shooting for within the next year or so to try and get started.”

Fisher said the street department would likely handle the efforts and that he would also like to see local businesses get involved. read more here