Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Auburn University to become more bicycle friendly

AUBURN - Bicyclists will find a more welcoming environment at Auburn University over the next few years as the university implements the third stage of its transition from the traffic-clogged campus of a decade ago to a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environment.

The rapid rise in gasoline prices is making bicycles a more attractive alternative to the automobile for short trips at Auburn and nationally. However, even before fuel costs escalated in 2008, campus planners and a university committee were developing a network of bike paths and taking other actions to make the campus more conducive to bicycle traffic.

Previous stages in the transition included expansion of the Tiger Transit bus system and replacement of streets with pedestrianways in the center of campus.
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Tyler said...

as an ex-resident of auburn i can attest to the over congested streets...this is a great ideal the tiger transit bus system as I recalled was very good and made not owning a car easy but expansion of the bus system to make it more efficient is a great ideal. with auburn's mild winters there is little or no excuse to not use your bike as transportation I road my bike almost daily when I lived there if only huntsville could take this same attitude

Auburn-University said...

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