Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alabama sixth for decrease in number of miles driven

"BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - The Federal Highway Administration says drivers in Alabama stayed off the road a lot more in June than they did during the same month a year ago.

With gas prices spiking, Alabamians drove 336 million fewer miles in June compared with a year ago.

That 6.4 percent drop was the sixth-largest decrease in miles driven of any state, just as the summer travel season was beginning.

The agency's report Wednesday said Idaho ranked first, followed by Maine, Utah, Washington and Nevada.

The largest decline in Alabama came on state rural roads, with 118 million fewer miles driven, a 7.8 percent drop.

State urban miles declined 5.7 percent, 107 million miles. "

It's nice to see Alabama near the top of the list for something good for a change. Maybe there have been more bike miles too. Even some Hampton Covers are driving less and car pooling more, and gas prices aren't exactly breaking their budget usually. Unfortunately, I've also noticed plenty of new V8 Mercedes and some AMG ones in Huntsville with people who can afford even more expensive gas not caring that it's sort of a limited community resource for the whole world.


beardsarefun said...

Wow, thats shocking but I'm glad to hear Alabama is making strives. I agree that I see way too many large displacement engines driving around town often with only a driver. I had a customer tell me today he was trading in his big-ass truck. I asked if he considered a hybrid and he said he was getting a hummer.

Just because you can "afford" a huge car doesn't mean you need one does it. Parents with two kids drive vehicles that fit nine people and justify it because of the once or twice a year they drive to the beach.

This was a pleasant post to read though. Baby steps right?

Anonymous said...

I don't get these people either, you know the ones who think full size vehicles are safer and justified because they need them to tow their homes and their full sized boats.

One day, when I am super wealthy I'm going to buy all of the hummers and suburbans in the whole world and pee on them. all of them.

jim spagggg