Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Expensive gas fuels bicycle repair boom

From The Montgomery Advertiser

SELMA — With the high price of gas these days, many people have switched to bicycles, especially those who live close to work.
That makes Joe Chapman Jr. very happy because he believes he’s the only bicycle repairman in and around Selma.
“People bring bikes to me from as far away as Demopolis and cities like that,” said Chapman, as he watched cars and trucks whiz by his shop at the corner of Jeff Davis Avenue and Lapsley Street.
His place is hard to miss. It’s the one with the big pile of old and fairly new bikes piled high on the sidewalk, near a fan that blows comforting air toward him on hot, muggy days.
A big sign proclaims, in bright red paint: “Joe’s Bicycle Repair” just above his phone number and hours of operation.read more here