Saturday, August 9, 2008


Bike Fixin @ Lowe Mill from 12 - 4
Then More Bike Fixin @ Manna House from 6 til ??????

Come on out have some fun!!!!


beardsarefun said...

who's gone fix them right after you guys get done "fixin" them?

Anonymous said...

trailhead or omnibus

beardsarefun said...

let me rephrase that: who's going to fix them correctly? Any idiot can change a flat. Etc kills both those untrained hacks and participates in more cycling events than any other shop. People don't pay you to like bikes, they pay to have their shit done right, not by a bunch of two bit hacks that dont know what end of a torque wrench to hold. I agree that when the work is done free, there's no room to complain. So quick to answer yet post anonymously...typical.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Teresa and Robert. So when would you like to pick up my slack from Life Cycles? Seriously, fixing the 20-30 bikes a night takes it's toll on the few volunteers I do have. Maybe I can send them your way?

It's the intention that counts guys.

lets get together sometime and talk partnership.


jim s.

beardedfunisNOTfun said...

beards obviously aren't fun judging from his consistent useless anti-cycling comments. Maybe the beard is giving him open saddle sores. Who is he/she to trash Lifecycles or anyone is trying to make the world better. The only cranks I like are on bikes. Go play with some other group bearded boy.

worried said...

"Etc kills both those untrained hacks" Are you saying Bicycles Etc intentionally hurts some cyclists? I ain't going there.

clintpatty said...

This thread makes me not want to go to etc.

Matty B. said...

so what is it exactly that makes the other mechanics at Trailhead and Omnibus two bit untrained hacks? I'm not being a smart ass, just asking a serious question. Do you guys rebuild fork? Build custom wheel sets? Bleed brakes? Or have less than a two week turn around? I know we do at Trailhead. I was trained by the best mechanic around and have had no complaints from customers, only compliments. And speaking of races, how's about a friendsly Mountain Bike race between your best mechanic and me? I'm up for it if you can find time to loose your elitest attitude and realize that your anly making your shop look bad.

Peace Out!
Matty B.
(A.K.A. Two bit hack of a mechanic)

beardsarefun said...

I started out kidding and some of you idiots got way too serious. First, Clint, I'm sorry you feel that way, you will be missed. As far as you Matt, I admit I was a little harsh; subtlety is not my strong suite. Im sorry though, your wrenching while I will admit is not hack, well, lets just say you're not as great as you think you are. I like you and don't want there to be tension but lets face it, you have worked for two shops, been fired from one of them, and just don't have the experience yet. You can say you do all you want and be mad at me but its not going to change anything. However, I do apologize for my poor phrasing and i dont think there needs to be a we-versus-them attitude. I like Trailhead, a lot actually, but there's a reason we have a two week turn around time (its less now though). When's the last time you participated in any local cycling activities? I share the love and send people to you (all the time), omnibus, and jim regularly. As far as anti-cycling; whoever you are, youre an idiot. I have worked in the industry 13 years and am every bit as bike-crazy now as I was then. I ride every day rain or shine. How many newcomers do you get turned on to cycling because I do it all day every day. Jim, i'm glad you're here for the people that need you but being honest, the bikes you guys work on dont require a whole lot of precision. A lot of creative problem solving Im sure but i bet you'd here the expression "good enough" quite a bit. Also being honest, you enable a lot of people who don't know cycling laws, who ride on the wrong side of the road, who ride at night with no lights, and who undo all the hard work of others who are trying to make positive changes for cycling. That seems anti-cycling if anything. A bike does not make a cyclist any more than a football makes a football player, sorry. I am not uppity about cycling but I do not support companies that make crap for the sake of affordability when what they are really doing is creating a false sense of quality and longevity and contributing to a disposable consumer lifestyle. Build it right and build it to last; dont buy one to dispose of then buy another a few months later. Word.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Clint. I'd rather shop where I get my order within two days and can have a meaningful conversation with the employees, even though the place I speak has only one, and he happens to be the owner. Plus, I would love for Jon to see how many customers he is about to lose because someone does not know how to practice simple judgment when making posts. I know everyone has got some redeeming qualities Vic, so how about you show yours and take this opportunity to apologize to those you have offended because your sarcastic comments have really upset quite a few people, so much that there is quite an anti-Vic movement starting...which unfortunately is going to effect how we view your bike shop as a whole. Your ruining it for the other good employees at ECT by being a poor representative for your shop. I'm on the real with you man. Your deep in it.

jim spaggy "bike jesus"
over 1000 bikes resurrected by this two-bit mechanic.

Anonymous said...

Okay Vic, we posted at the same do time, so disregard that blog of mine for the most part. I do have to note though that your latter comment, as honest as it may be, is far from truth because it is your perception. Unfortunately your perception may not be majority with some.

Life Cycles is much like many other bike co-op's, if you have ever visited others I am doing the same thing they are and with little or no funds to do so. Buying lights and helmets for all those who come to the co-op has been researched, and grants have been written for them. We do what we can, and it's the intentions of our actions that count.

Also sometimes the precision you speak of is not with the bikes, but it is with the people who you keep company with. Anyone who addresses my friends as "idiots" is no friend of mine. But you are just being honest, right?

I'm an honest guy as well, and you can practice honesty without demeaning others, its part of having good social skills. If you have learned anything from this, hope it was that.

jim spagnola

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vic, also and you state:
"Also being honest, you enable a lot of people who don't know cycling laws, who ride on the wrong side of the road, who ride at night with no lights, and who undo all the hard work of others who are trying to make positive changes for cycling. That seems anti-cycling if anything."

I remember listening to many of your voyages back home from bars after consuming alcohol, beyond the legal limits permissible to operate a motor vehicle. Hmm, so if cyclists want the same treatment as motor vehicles I would assume one who operates it should hold themselves to the same accountability.

So you know what, you are a hypocrite. No matter how many rules you obey or how much safety gear you may have you simply cannot hold a valid argument that you represent a "better" faction of cyclists in comparison to those I serve.

Also, hmm lets see, I was on the Alabike board for about 3 years and I know what work has been done. Seems to me in the 3 years I have been doing LifeCycles I have taught a lot of people the rules of the road. You have never volunteered, you don't know what I do. I make sure people have brakes, I make sure the have reflectors, I safety check all of the bikes and give them tips to avoid getting hit, I even make them fix their own bikes! Every homeless person on a bike is not a client of mine as well. But when I do see my people, they are usually are riding on the sidewalk at a slow pace. At least when they are drinking they stay off the road.

Your apology needs it's own apology.


Matty B. said...

If giving a two week notice qualifies me as being fired then you are totally correct. Either way, I am a advocate by keeping over 100 bike running every month and keeping cyclist on the road/trails on perfect functioning bicycles. Exactly how good do I think I am by the way? What Jim does is a far cry away from anything anyone else does in this entire state and should be applauded. I willing to bet the attitude you have toward newcomers to cycling has turned away many more than the attitude of other shops. If you have a bike ride it! Who gives a shit what it is, as long as people are riding thats what matters. And don't ever question my ability to do perfect repairs when what i do is my livelyhood and my passion.

Matty B.

Anonymous said...

You are apparently guilty of much more than "poor phrasing" Victor. A half-ass apology followed by unnecessary criticism does not clear the air of your tactless mouthings.
I like you, BUT... you're not as great as you think you are...
Need I mention that you did this sort of thing on a thread honoring Jim's birthday? Get a life!
And don't go pointing fingers at the people who INCLUSIVELY promote cycling in this town...especially when YOU are the one creating the us-versus-them mentality.
You are just as uppity as the elitist cycling snobs this blog was created in refuge of. Bello Velo was created for the love of bikes and cycling--as an all-encompassing concept that you are apparently unable to grasp.
The bike does make a cyclist, regardless of how creatively or precisely it was constructed; regardless of how and where he chooses to ride. The cyclist decides whether or not he will truly promote cycling by refraining from such pompous attitudes as your own. Go join the matchy-matchy racers or work for bicycle jerks.. you'll fit right in there.
And if you've got issues with how folks are fixing bikes, why don't you go and do it yourself! You're a mechanic, right? What business is it of yours how other people choose to have their bikes fixed?
And on the charitable note...
How about you take off countless hours from your family to "enable" people who would otherwise have no way of getting around? PLUS your own money and tools and resources.
Stop bitching and go make a difference if you really think you can do things better. But be forewarned, pissing in everyone else's cheerios is not the best way to start.

TheMilkman said...

All I know is my wife and I have successfully resurrected a total of seven bikes and the owners are not only grateful, but much more informed about how screwed up their bikes actually were. Now their riding and don't have to worry about getting reamed by some bike shop for doing something as simple as fixing a flat or adjusting their derailer. Plus, we're plugging all your shops and Life Cycles constantly. We know how inexperienced we are but, that doesn't mean we can't help people.

That's right, seven! Number of completion baby, so all ya'll bitches can just suck it!

Listen, all you guys better show up to Free Film Night... at Lowe Mill this Friday. I fucked up and forgot this is the third Friday of the month so you may not see a flier in time. Jim, happy birthday man. You get in extra free!

I can't go on,

vikysuks said...

Ok, let's face it. Bearded ___ has an attitude problem. Personally, I don't anything to do with him regardless of what his issues are. He spreads hate, anger, distrust, and other evils.

So I propose polo split in two leagues (not teams). He can have Optiist Park for all I care & whomever wishes to play with someone with a temper problem & always calling people cheaters.

The HSV Bike Polo Club (teams not calling Bicycles Etc, Gentle Lovers...) will meet elsewhere. We will play for fun. Have a good time-- enjoy each others' company, ride & play hard but without hostility, temper-tantrums, threats of intentionally hurting people, etc. Harmless good fun. Oh, and Lifecycle-donated bikes will be allowed.

Ilikebikesetcnnotturds said...

So Victurd goes off to frame school so he can quit bikesetc & comes home and starts trashing everyone, which makes bikeetc look evil when it is only him. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe he is trying to bring bikeetc down? or maybe he needs strong prescriptions.

beardsarefun said...

What I say has nothing to do with the shop and of course I do not represent the shop. Its one persons opinion. I do not shun people for having lesser bikes but try to encourage them to make smart purchases. You can believe that or not. Buy an entry level bike or a pro level bike; i treat you the same and try to help you make honest informed decisions. I thought people could express their opinions freely on here. I really did start out kidding with my first comment, not start a war. No one here can accept criticism on here and most of you wont even post your name so your opinion is void. As far as not working on some bikes, a shop is a business and we treat it like one. We are fair and thorough but some repairs are not cost effective for the shop or the consumer; it has nothing to do with feeling uppity. We try our best to help those in needs and thats why I am glad others with know-how will help. Jim, we can agree to disagree. I applaud some of the work you do but still stand by my "enabling" opinion. Robert, I am glad you and Teresa have helped. Im proud of you guys and glad youre there to help jim out - I know there's a ton of bikes needing your help. Matt, I tried being fair with you because I really didnt have beef with you. Your two-faced statement is too much though; youre the one who bad mouthed Jim to me when he left your shop and YOU said he was a poor mechanic with a poor attitude. And from what everyone at the shop told me, you were forced to leave Etc. for stealing a white saddle. I wasnt there so if i'm wrong, my bad...wasnt going to mention it until you got snarky. Also, comes to find out the story about you sending the frame school a deposit and then you "couldnt make it" was a total lie. Why would someone make that up anyhow? I'm not uppity in terms of cycling and its unfortunate you people have formed this opinion of me. As far as polo. thats fine with me. Polo died here anyhow until I started grass polo. You guys cheat and make it no fun to play. We had arranged to play a travel game but feared some of you and your cheating would make the rest look bad. Im sure you'll dismiss everything as me being a jerk but that doesnt make it less true. I would really like to peacefully coexist despite our differences because there is room for cycling enthusiasts of all types whether they fell the need to hang out of not.

Matty B. said...

Your a peice of Shit Vic, siple as that. Straight up talking shit and spreading lies. Why don't you swing by the shop sometime to have a little chat. Or I can meet you.

beardsarefun said...

Great attitude Matt. Very appropriate. Rather than try to be rational or try to explain your perspective, ha, you want to meet at the playground at 3' o-clock. Im not mad at anyone else on here (including you) and I can't believe youre getting that upset. I know why it is but you seem angry so i'm not going to throw fuel on the fire. You seem to have anger management issues. I know youre too mad to believe it, but i would rather everyone get along and before all this b.s. got started, i had no ill will towards you. My comment actually came from another comment someone else on here made and that person has opted to remain silent which is irritating but not my choice. Either way, this thread has pretty much run its course.

Matty B. said...

you know what, I totally agree. This has been nothing but third grade bullshit from the start. I've done nothing but make myself look like an ass for some stupid comments that never really fucking matter. I have no problem with anyone in here personally. I got pissed and said shit in anger like many others and it's completely retarded. Vic, give me a call and lets go grab a beer. I'm buying.

Peace Out!
Matty B.

Upwithbikes said...

Hey victor, why did you say other posts are void because the name wasn't posted. Is yours? Don't see it. Hypocrit or jerk? we all know who everyone is.

I have seen you ride your bike dead drunk on the street and yet you say the homeless aren't real cyclists. Do they want to be, no... but you claim to be one. Are you a hypocrit or jerk?

Fact is, you are the one who trashed Lifecycles, Trailhead, Omnibus, Jim, Matt etc. Your posts sounds like you are speaking for Bicycles Etc. A professional's reputation stands alone, by trashing others, you have trashed yourself & the shop where you work. Maybe a hypocrit and a jerk.

Maybe you post-military PTSD is acting up. Get some help before you hurt yourself or others. we just wanted some fun. You are the one who kept losing his temper and blowing up because your team keeps losing. Having a little trouble with all your failures? You should be.

REPENT! We have seen your evil ways.

inc123 said...

can't we all just get along?

let's just ride & quit fighting

apparently not a cyclist said...

Really, vic, you just reinforce the third grade attitude you decry. Were you really trying to be so benevolent while calling others 'cheaters' and pinning trash talk about Jim on Matt? Come on, get over yourself. Your justifications just make you look worse.
And lack of identity does not invalidate my comments. I don't care if you know who I am, because I don't even know you. I just came here to defend my husband and the selfless and honorable work he does.

Anonymous said...

Letter from mister Swiss:

This was a fun exercise. I'm glad we all learned some things about each other here. We have learned perhaps the real truth about some and seen some great arguments.

I think we still all can get along, well I hope anyway. We have all said things that were probably meant to be said and I'm glad that our gracious moderator has allowed this post to remain very much alive.

What this has done for all of us is a wonderful thing.The best roses always grow out of the best shit.

Oh yeah, and I admit I did have a pretty bad attitude at Trailhead (but I had valid reasons), and yeah maybe I was not the best mechanic but I have my niche and it happens to be old pieces of shit bikes...I love em, No one can polish a turd quite like me.

Truth be told we all make mistakes, as mechanics we have all at one time put a chain on wrong or crashed into walls while test riding customer's bikes. We have all as mechanics forgotten to properly toe in brakes or clean a bottom bracket out to spotless perfection. Sometimes we have burst a few tubes from not properly seating a tire. We all have done work in a rush and we have all made mistakes.

And to everyone who plays polo, I have fun. Rules suck and I will cheat. I am a cheater, and an opportunist, isn't everyone at times? And everyone is an enabler, it's not a dirty word.

The fact is my awesomeness is unfathomable, and no matter what anyone says about me or how much that trash me I'm never convinced that I am anything less that superfuckingawesome! And I have to mention, the company I keep has to be superfuckingawersome too, or else I would have them killed by my army of spider monkeys.


If therearen't no rulesthereaint nocheating said...

Spider monkeys or those thug flying monkeys from Oz? Those flying monkeys coming after poop little Toto still give me nightmares. Send the spider monkeys but pleeeeeasssee none of those Wizard of Oz flying monekys. They are totallyfuckingawful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...about polo being divided...

It has been my observation that the past two games have been great. No tension, no hate, just nothing but love.

So to those who want to make the game full of "fuck you's and fuckiddy fuck's" I'm not about that and neither are a lot of the newer and "less vicious" players.

I want to play with the same people I'd invite to an orgie, or the same people I'd trust to give me a freestyle colonoscopy. I'm not about putting people down or making someone mad or sad because of a game...a friggen game.

The division will be good for a lot of people who want a chance to score goals and learn the ninja-polo stylings of Robbie or the graceful swan like techniques of Marcie. The Wild Boar techniques of Nolen are such an asset, and we cannot forget Jacque's deafening yell technique. I think for the time being we will probably opt to play elsewhere and develop our technique so one day,when the sun is low, and the skies are red...we won't have to cheat to win, we will be like to Horsemen of the Apocalypse and terrorize all opponents into submission, making them grovel at our wheels like little deformed lepers.

peas out..i just want the carrots!

Sir Jim of Kildare

righterinner said...

Write on, sir Jim. pun intended. divided polo = what fun. Did you notice that the females suddenly became the scorers (and assisters)-- oh, another pun. a-sisters. ahahahhaha. GO girls. and guys. Play on! bring your happy friends. share the love & the dirt.