Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shuttle bus

I don't know how many people here ride the Shuttle bus, but Huntsville's transit could use some work. Some of the buses have bicycle racks, so riding the bus could be a helpful part of a long bike commute or one that cannot easily avoid a busy road. Each rack holds 2 bikes, so you may be out of luck even if there is a rack that day. The city is getting ready to spend ~$23k for advice on how to improve the transit system and increase ridership.

Here is the full story in The Huntsville Times.

So I gave them some advice for free. Here are some points from my email:

- post bicycle rack weight limit if not well over 150lb, groceries are heavy
- cyclists don't want to wait for a bus when there's up to a 1/6 chance that the bus won't have a bicycle rack (I was told this would be fixed before the end of the year)
- fix bicycle racks that are messed up
- make the Shuttle system more predictable/dependable before or along with expanding
- is there insurance for a bicycle on the rack if a rack fails or there is a crash?
- what is the new Bridge Street route; it is not posted online

You can send advice to


Anonymous said...

Anyone can go to the bus station and get a bus route map. It is pretty laid out. I ride the bus occasionally, and it's not the worst thing in the world. Like anything, the more people who actually use it, the more likely the transit system will be better. I've used the bike racks too. The cyclist loads his/her own bike, it's easy.

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