Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Vote and Welcome To America

Police Trap Peaceful Protesters in Denver


Tyler said...


Anonymous said...

Wow tyler, i must be psychic I sorta knew you would post that.

Anyway, I watched the video and it makes me wonder how many times the police are going to act unconstitutionally. Responding repeatedly in the barricade manner is basically saying that America is in a police state and the police should hold everyone suspect AND it also puts many other things into perspective. One of those things is American governments role and the way it is portrayed. Looking at this video reminds me of seeing militant governments of 3rd world countries impress it's will against it's citizens. This is happening everywhere in the world. It's the same story revolution-peace-revolution-peace-revolution...the ebb and flow of order and chaos. It is a beautiful thing.

jim spaggnoway

Bello Velo said...

The sad fact that the "mainstream media" does not report this. Therefore if it is not reported then we must all agree. Thank goodness for the internet