Friday, September 19, 2008

Tommy Battle Info

Voter turnout was low. About 28 percent of the city's 108,000 registered voters turned out on a rainy day. In the 2004 mayor's race, 38 percent of 103,543 voters turned out.

People don't vote because of rain give me a fuckin break.

Don't forget to Vote October 7

Tommy Battle on Public Transportation

The soaring cost of gasoline is forcing many people to rethink the city’s transportation system. Unfortunately, Huntsville is not an easy town to get around if you don’t own a car. There are few bike paths and the city’s major arteries, like University Drive and Memorial Parkway, are not pedestrian-friendly.

A 2000 study reported that more than 95 percent of Huntsville commuters drive to work daily, and 86 percent of those drive alone. But, with gas at $4 per gallon and rising, many Huntsville drivers might opt for public transportation-if they had a choice. read more here

Tommy Battle on Education
Huntsville’s successful rise as a high tech community has been, in large part, because of the quality public schools that the city once provided for our children.
Huntsville, the 4th largest city in the state, now ranks 77 out of 127 in Alabama’s school system. During this campaign I have heard about schools across our community - North Huntsville, South Huntsville, East & West Huntsville.

The Mayor must act as an advocate for the school system while being a fiscal agent for the people of Huntsville. As Mayor, I would work on three aspects of public education- accountability, community support and “bricks and mortar.”
read more here


Marshmallow said...

He's gonna be at picnic tomorrow(Saturday) at sherwood park over on old madison pike if you wanna talk to him.