Friday, September 5, 2008

Unburdened by Gas Costs, Bike Couriers See a Chance

New York City’s bike messengers remain a fixture on the streets, having weathered the advent of the fax machine and, of course, e-mail. Now, with the cost of gas pummeling courier companies that rely on motorized vehicles, a few enterprising cyclists are using the opportunity to generate more business. read more here


clintpatty said...

That's pretty cool. I'd thought earlier this summer if diesel prices kept doing up and there was rationing or a trucker strike or something, cyclist might be the only ones to transport stuff to stores and such. Local farming would be a lot more popular. But there is no way it would be cheaper for people on cargo bikes and with bike trailers to transport a full trailer of stuff from Madison to Hampton Cove than getting a Kenworth to do it. 60k lbs is a lot of bike trips. We really need alternative high torque fuels in addition to biodiesel. Or some serious lifestyle changes by Americans that would make bike transport for everything feasible.